Chapter 8 - Still Accident Prone

Dr. McIvor sent Joe and my Mum out of the room, closed the blinds and curtains, and told me that she was going to turn around to give me privacy, and if I needed a hand, all I had to do was say. Thankfully I didn’t have to embarrass myself by falling off the bed or anything stupid like that (mental note: touch wood).


“I’m done.” I said, climbing back under the covers of my bed.

“Right dear, I’ll ask the other two if they’d like to come back in.” Dr. McIvor said, turning the door handle.

They both came in, but Mum didn’t sit down. Joe brought a chair by my bed, and sat down.

“Mum you look shattered – don’t you think that you’d better go home and get some sleep because you’ve got work first thing in the morning. If they release me I’m sure that Joe is capable of driving me home, either that or I’ll get a taxi, and I have enough money for a bus fare, and I have my house key. Anything else I need?” I asked.

“No. Are you sure you’ll be alright?” She asked.

“Perfectly, now go and get some rest.” I instructed.


I must have fallen asleep quite quickly after that, holding Joe’s hand. When I woke up in the morning, I found that it was nine o’ clock, what a lie-in! I was still holding Joe’s hand, and Joe was awake, not exactly looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed but awake never-the-less.


“Mornin’ sleepy head.” He said.

“Good morning stranger.” I said, stretching.

“You know who I am!” He said quietly, looking shocked.

“I know; I used to say that to my Dad. Never mind. I’m going to go to the toilets to get dressed.” I said.

“You’re not allowed to go on your own.” Joe stated. “Mum said so.”

“Well come with me then.” I said, giggling.

“Behave yourself, you! I think Mum – erm, Dr. McIvor should go with you.” He said, querying me.

I sighed, exasperated, and Joe finally gave in, and held my hands as I got out of bed. I found that I was glad that Joe was there, because otherwise I would have fallen over. He caught me when he saw that I was falling towards him.

He picked me up, and put me back on my bed.


“Right, I don’t care what you say; I’m going to get Dr. McIvor.” He said tapping me on the nose with his finger and with one corner of his mouth turned up in a smile.

He went out of the room then and I swung my legs over the side of the bed. My head went really dizzy as I tried to sit up, and I fell off the bed, head-first just as Dr. McIvor and Joe came in the room.


“I can’t leave you alone for two minutes, can I?” He asked me, chuckling, but immediately stopped chuckling when he saw that I’d knocked myself out – again.


It was about an hour later when I woke up, and I was fully dressed, lying on the hospital bed, with three or four doctors peering down at me, and then there was Joe sitting a meter or so away from the bed. I couldn’t tell where I was at first because the room felt to be spinning. Then when the spinning stopped I started seeing double. At that point, Joe sprinted out of the door to go and get Dr. McIvor, yelling “she’s awake! She’s awake!”

Then, Dr. McIvor, another Doctor and Joe all came bustling back in.


“How are you dear?” Dr. McIvor asked.

“Stop spinning the room.” I said, sounding a little bit woozy.

“We’re not. I think you’re concussed.” Joe said, sounding panicked.

“Why is there two of everybody?” I asked, confused.

“No, you’re seeing double dear. We need to take you to the X-ray theatre to check that there isn’t any damage.” One of the other doctors said.


I started to sit up, to get out of bed, but Joe pushed me back down with a firm hand, and told me that they were going to take me down in the bed, because they needed to do a full body X-ray to see if all my falls had contributed to me breaking or tearing or shattering a limb.


They wheeled me down to the X-ray theatre, and took a full body X-ray of my front first. They then turned me on my side, to do one like that, then one of my back, and then the last one of my other side.

They then wheeled me back to the room where I was before.


The doctor that told me that I was going to have the X-rays went out of the room to fetch the X-rays.

When he came back, he clipped them to a board at the end of my bed, and switched the light on so that we could see the X-rays clearly.

“Oh dear – it’s worse than we thought.” He said.

“What?!” I shrieked, jerking my head, and sending myself into a dizzy spell.

“You’ve chipped a small dent out of the top of your cranium, shattered one of your ribs, broken your left arm, torn a ligament in your left leg, and then you have dislocated your nose.” He told me.

“Not to mention bruising the side of your face, and several other parts.” Dr. McIvor added.

“Can I see?” I asked.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea right now love.” One of the other Doctors said, speaking to me for the first time.

“I think that we should wait until she can stand and walk properly first.” Dr. McIvor added, speaking to the doctor who had spoken, nodding.


I took this as a chance to go back to sleep, but it was short-lived because I woke up, about an hour later in a cold-sweat, screaming at the top of my lungs.

Joe hushed me, hugged me, and told me that it was all just a bad dream and that I was okay, and I was safe and that he was here.

Never-the-less, Dr. McIvor came rushing back in to see what the scream was all about, but Joe explained to her that I’d just had a bad dream.


I went back to sleep, and managed to sleep until about one o’ clock pm.

I woke up, and managed to prop myself up (using my right arm), and I did it slowly so I didn’t go dizzy.

The End

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