Chapter 6 - A Visit

“Yes, I should think you will.” He chuckled.

I walked out to my car, got in it, and drove home. Mum was there when I got home (why she wasn’t at work, I’ll probably find out), and evidently looking disappointed in me. Great, what had I done this time?


“You young lady are in serious trouble!” She said, in her lovely high pitched voice.

“What? I did all my work on time and I did my homework at lunch time.” I said, looking all innocent.

“Your father sent me that email that you sent to him. How can you say that about Shelby? That was very irresponsible of you.” She said, pointing her finger at me, with her eyebrows knitted.

“Dad always taught me to be honest, and he wanted to know exactly what I thought about Shelby. I was being honest.” I said sweetly.

“I don’t mind really, it’s just that I’m your Mum and I’ll not feel right if I don’t say something.” She said, smiling.

“How come you’re home?” I asked, changing the subject completely.

“Your Dad phoned me up to tell me what you’d said in that email so I had to come home to give you a rollicking.” She laughed.


I noticed that tea was on the table; yum, Spaghetti Bolognese, Mum’s best dish ever. She is way better at cooking Spaghetti Bolognese than at cooking anything else; I usually do the cooking you see.


We ate it in silence, and then she said that she had to go back to the office, so I said fine, and washed the dishes.

I had a huge pile of Trig homework to do, so I got on with that then sent an apologetic email to Dad, and was about to get ready for bed when there was a knock at the door.


I went to open it, and found Joe standing there looking slightly flushed.

“Come in.” I said, wondering what on earth he could be here for.

“Are your parents’ home?” He asked.

“I live here with my Mum, and no she’s at work.” I said, wondering why he was asking that.

“Then you won’t mind if I do this?” He asked, and his lips touched mine, just brushing mine at first, and then started pressing them with a small bit of pressure.

“What was that for?” I asked when our lips parted.

“I love you. Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked, and I was shocked.

“Erm… I don’t know. I thought I was the ugly new girl that would never ever fit in.” I replied.

“No. You’re beautiful. Your blonde hair, your blue-topaz eyes, and your special smile that makes every boy’s knees in school go all jellified. You couldn’t be more perfect.” He replied.

“Well then, erm, I suppose, but you have to be clear on one thing – I’ve never had a boyfriend before so I don’t know any of the ropes.” I said, only just remembering to breathe.


With that, he smiled, and it was a huge smile, like you see on the cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland, with the Cheshire cat smiling an ear-to-ear smile. He hugged me, and I hugged him and he pressed my body into his cool torso.

“I’ve got to go.” He said, looking apologetic.

“Okay.” I whispered, not wanting him to go.

“I’ll pick you up in my car to go to school tomorrow, if you’d like.” He said.

“I’d like that very much. Thank you Joe.” I replied, still whispering.

He gave me a peck on the cheek, and disappeared out of my door. I watched him drive away through the window, and when he was out of sight, I ran up to my bedroom and had a giggle and a happy dance, just like any normal teenage girl – the only thing that was different is the fact that I’m not normal.

The End

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