Chapter 5 -- Medical room - again!

Yuck! The smell of blood was imminent. I understand that blood smells differently to each individual, but to me it smells like gone off milk and petrol (have you ever noticed how dead blood smells like a pigsty?). I thought that I was going to throw up and had to tell the teacher, who sent me out of the room, and said that if I was going to be sick, to go to the medical room immediately.


As soon as I breathed the fresher air, I felt a lot better, but I thought that I had better sit down, so I don’t have to project my vomit very far, but before I even managed to bend my legs, I collapsed (fainted), and my hero caught me – because that’s what I think he is; Joe is my personal hero.


“Wakey, wakey sleepy head!” He whispered as I’d started coming round.

“Huh?” I mumbled.

“I take it you didn’t like the smell of blood? You collapsed almost as soon as you got out of the room, and boy did you look green!” Joe mused.

“I – what?!” I asked.

“You didn’t hit your head, so how come you’re dazed?” He asked, smiling.

“If you haven’t noticed, I’ve just come around from being unconscious.” I pointed out.

“Sorry, come on; let’s get you to the school nurse.” He said, dragging me to my feet, but as soon as he managed to get me stood up, I fell back down again.

He sighed, scooped me up in his arms that made me feel like a baby again, and trudged off to the school nurse’s room.

He knocked on the door, and when there was no reply, he tried to open it, but it was locked.

“Looks like we’re going to have to wait here, until she comes back.” He said, pointing to the cushioned chair outside of the room.

“Yeah, but there’s two of us, so somebody’s going to have to sit on the floor.” I pointed out.

“Not a problem.” He said, and sat on the chair, but as I was sliding off of him to go and sit on the floor, he pulled me back to sit on his lap; there was just the one word to describe that: awkward.


I leaned into him, and found that he was freezing, but I got used to that after a couple of minutes.

Just then, Paul walked by, to go and fetch some paper towels from the care taker’s office, and noticed us, and as I was trying to get up, Joe pulled me close in to him, and Paul gave Joe and me a mucky look.


I felt a bit mean then, because he was just being all innocent, and then Joe was cuddling me, and I didn’t feel normal. I felt as though I was cheating on somebody and that they’d seen me with the person that they were being cheated with, yet I didn’t actually have a boyfriend so it couldn’t be classed as cheating on them. Come to think of it, I’d never had a boyfriend, but I can tell you that I certainly wouldn’t mind Joe being my boyfriend!


I wasn’t so keen on the idea of Paul being my boyfriend, as I thought him as being just a friend, but Joe was certainly something more than that. Even if Joe didn’t think of me like that, he was certainly making me think that because of his actions, and if he wasn’t careful, he’d lure me in too far, and I might even ask him out! Though I know that I would never do that because a) it doesn’t seem right to ask the boy out and b) I have nowhere near enough confidence to do that.


We were sat like that for about half an hour, and I fell asleep on him - whoops! The bell rang then, to signal home time, but it never stirred me, and I stayed asleep. Joe shook me to try to wake me up, but it didn’t work so he put the back of his cold hand against my forehead, and I shot bolt upright.


“You fell asleep on me!” Joe teased.

“Sorry, I was just so comfortable.” I teased back.

“It’s not my fault I’m bony.” He snapped in his defence.

“It’s not my fault I’m tired.” I defended myself. Then we both laughed and he put my hair behind my ears and leaned close, and he was so close that I could smell his breath, again. I closed my eyes and fell off his knee.

Way to spoil a good moment!


“Come on now; time to go home. Emily, Charlie, Finty, Jordan, and Freya are here, awaiting my lift home he pointed to each of his five siblings, all looking older than he was, apart from Finty, as she was in some of my classes so I knew that they must be un-identical twins.

“Sorry, and erm, will I see you tomorrow?” I asked, with hope in my voice.

The End

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