Chaper 3 - Emails

We arrived to the next class a short while later and I was incredibly bored, and didn’t even bother introducing myself to the teacher. Technology was probably one of the most dangerous lessons that I would ever take part in; saws to cut myself with, vices to get my fingers trapped in, drills to drill holes through my hands, belt-sanders to graze my skin with… etc. Very dangerous indeed, and that’s why I decided to sit at the side and not take part for mine and everybody else around me’s sake.


When the bell eventually rang at the end to signal the end of school, I legged it to my pale blue Nissan Micra (a present from my Mum to saw welcome to Mattawa), and drove to my new home.

I threw my bag to the side of the living room and charged upstairs to check my emails – hopefully I’d have one from my friend Hayley, back in Bigfoot.

Only one new message and it was from my Dad. It said:

Hi honey,

Are you enjoying school and Mattawa so far? Shelby says hi and could you possibly tell me what you think of her?  I hope you do well and make lots of new friends.

Bye for now,

Dad xxx


Oh great. I decided to reply with:

Hi Dad,

School’s okay and I made one new friend who is very nice and he is called Paul. I have to sit next to a boy called Joseph all the way through school and he just doesn’t talk and gives me evils.

Tell Shelby that I will never forgive her for marrying you, and that I don’t ever want you to pass on greetings from her to me – I ABSOLUTELY HATE HER!!!




Yes, that would show him, and that stupid fiancé Shelby!


I went down to have tea after shutting my laptop down, and trying to avoid any questions from my Mum, asking how my day had been.

Thankfully she was still at work, (I’d forgotten all about her working late) so cooked some pot noodles up because I couldn’t be bothered with cooking anything special, cleared everything else away and went upstairs to get washed and changed and ready for bed. Mum works until about 10 o’ clock, so I listened to my iPod until she came home, and then brushed my teeth and went to bed.


I managed to get straight to sleep that night, which was a miracle seeing as I never go to bed that early, and I almost always have trouble sleeping!


Mum had already gone to work when my alarm clock woke me up at 7 o’ clock to get ready for school.

Mum had weekends off, seeing as she worked early until late on weekdays – she preferred to do that so that she could spend time with me on a weekend because she didn’t like me having to be alone for a whole day, knowing how clumsy I am.


I got in my car, and drove to school, thinking about what could the day possibly have in store for me, and what’s the worst that could happen with my luck? The worst that could happen would be probably death, but I tried not to think about that, and knew that I was just being paranoid about my lack of luck.


I walked down the path to school with my head held high, deciding that I would have to be confident if anything were to go right at school. It was pretty chilly that morning, and me in my rush to get out of the house had forgotten to get my coat, so I was shivering, with just my “fashionable” ski hat and jeans, leather shoes (with single-inch-heels on) and obviously underwear and a long sleeved thin blouse.

The End

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