Chapter 2 - Where on earth is the medical room?!

“Bethany? Beth? Can you hear me?” Paul was leaning over me, and the canteen was deserted.

“What? What did I do? Where’s everybody else?” I stammered, looking around.

“You were staring at the McIvor’s and looked away, fell off your chair, and knocked yourself out. Have you got concussion? Do you want me to take you to the school nurse?” He asked me.

“No. I’ll be fine. What lesson have we got?” I asked.

“English – media studies.” He replied, looking slightly less pale.

“Oh, okay. Can you help me up?” I asked, smiling.

“No problem; the boys said that they’ll meet us in class. We’re already fifteen minutes late.” He cringed, and helped me up without struggling.

“I’m not sat next to you-know-who am I?” I asked, knowing the answer already.

“Hopefully not, I want you to be sat next to me.” He mumbled under his breath.


Have you seen those really old fashioned teachers who where the black gowns and mortarboards (graduating caps)? Well, if you have, you can imagine what my English teacher looked like. He sat me down next to Joseph again, and told me to catch up with everybody else, and to not be late to his lessons in future.

“She knocked herself unconscious sir.” Paul explained.

“Well then, you should be in the school nurse’s room you silly girl; go there immediately.” He ordered me.


I gathered my things up and stalked out of the class room, offended by being called a silly girl, I mean how old does he think I am? I’m practically a young woman, at seventeen years old. Only three months until my eighteenth birthday. I hope my Mum doesn’t go overboard on my birthday celebration – like I remember she always used to do.

I probably should explain to you that my Dad shipped me off to live in Mattawa in Washington with my Mum because him and his girlfriend were getting married and wanted peace and tranquillity, yet he still cares enough to want to email me every single day – I’ve only been here two days so far.


My walk was very long on the way to the school nurse’s room as I got lost about ten times, and walked past the English classroom again, and sir sent Joseph to point me in the right direction.

“You keep going the wrong way – you’ve got no clue have you?” He stated, not looking me in the eyes.

“Well, nobody cares enough to come and point me the right way.” I snapped back.

“You smell delicious.” He said, sniffing my neck.

“Thank you, I think? Its blueberry and cookie perfume” I replied, confused at his sudden change of subject.

 “Yeah, the boys back in the classroom are going crazy over you – they all fancy you.” He told me.

“Really?” I asked with a hint of doubt in my voice, obviously not believing him.

“Yeah, and Paul was pretty miffed that sir sent me out to point you in the right direction, instead of him.” He chuckled, with his very nice laugh.


Then we turned into a different corridor, and Joseph turned to knock on the school nurse’s door, and I carried on walking, and walked straight into him!

“Sorry.” I muttered.

“It’s fine. Just try not to tempt me like that.” He mumbled.

“Like what?” I asked, intrigued.

“Never mind, I’ve said too much already.” He sighed.

The door opened, and a very thin woman, with greying hair, and glasses perched on the end of her crooked nose put her head around the door.

“Can I help you dears?” She asked in a voice that sounded like a very old woman.

“My friend here knocked herself out at lunchtime.” Joseph said.

“Well, come on in dears. Do you need to go back to your class?” She asked him.

“No, it doesn’t matter. I need to make sure that she doesn’t slip back into unconsciousness again.” He explained, not fooling me but evidently fooling the school nurse.


The school nurse fetched me a cold compress to put against my forehead, as I had a bruise forming.

“Do you two mind if I nip out to have a walk? I’ll only be ten minutes.” She said.

“Sure whatever.” I replied.

When she went out of the room, Joseph said “by ‘walk’, she means a fag.” He whispered, and I couldn’t help noticing how nice his breath smelt: roast chestnut or something, I think.

“I think that it’s very irresponsible leaving us alone like this – I’m not sure what you might do to me.” I teased.

“Do you know my secret?” He asked looking worried.

“No, I’m saying that I don’t know if you’ll harass me!” I giggled.

“Oh, I thought you had cottoned on to my secret.” He replied, breathing a sigh of relief.


The bell went, and we walked out of the room and he showed me the way to Technology. I noticed people staring at us as we walked side by side (about a foot apart) to the lesson.

“Why are people staring?” I asked him.

“You’re new and I’m not very sociable.” He answered, looking straight ahead.

“Oh…” I managed to say, wondering why people thought that he wasn’t very friendly.

The End

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