Ugly and The Beast

Basically, moves house, meets a guy, and what happens next? Read to find out!
I really hope you'll like it, its taken me months to write, and I'm still writing it, but also writing another story called 'Secret Agent'.
Oh and I must tell you that I know this story is a little bit like Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Series, but I didn't mean any plagerism by it (however that's spelt).

I walked down the deserted corridor and turned right at the end, following Ms. Gordon (Head Mistress)’s instructions, and knocked on the first door I came to.

“Come in!” A tenor voice called on the other side of the door. My hands trembling slightly, turned the door knob, and stepped inside.

“Is this Mr. Mason’s class?” I asked, though I already knew that it was seeing as that was the name label on the teacher’s desk.

“Yes; are you Bethany Carter?” He asked, smiling at me.

“It’s Beth, but yes, Sir.” I said, quietly.

“Well, you’ll have to go and sit next to Mr. McIvor over there, seeing as it’s a full house.” He said, still smiling, and pointing at the only other empty space in the second-to-last-row of the room.


I went and took my seat next to “Mr. McIvor” and looked up at the teacher, ready and prepared to get on with the lesson - whichever lesson it was!

“Joseph; really?! Where are your manners?” The teacher spoke to the boy sat next to me.

“Sorry, sir.” Joseph mumbled, and held out a hand for me to shake, and I shook it out of politeness. His hand was freezing! Maybe he’d just come in from the cold outside.

“Hi.” I said with a breath of relief that somebody had spoken to me, but I should have “touched wood” because that was the only thing he said to me all lesson and gave me the “evils” with his lovely dark eyes.


I found out that the lesson was French, and they had just started doing conjugations, and I was quite pleased that it was that because I had already done that the previous year, at my previous school, back at home in Texas. I found that my hand kept shooting up eagerly every time to answer a question and the boy on the next desk muttered “show-off”.


Thankfully, I’d arrived half-way through the lesson so I only had to put up with the silent treatment for half an hour.

I looked at my timetable and it said that I had Games next lesson and knowing my luck – or sheer lack of it – I would get myself knocked out within the first ten minutes.


When the bell rang, something hit me – no not a thought, something literally hit me – and so I turned around. It was a boy at the back trying to get my attention. It was a paper aeroplane, and as I’d already gathered my things up and put them in my bag, I unfolded the paper aeroplane. It read:

What lesson do you have next? Maybe I could walk you there?

Paul xxx


Seeing as the bell had already rung, I walked up to him and told him that I had Games, and he said so had he, so he walked me there, and asked me to meet him outside of games so that we could hang out at break-time. I told him that I would like that very much, but explained to him about my bad luck and that if I didn’t meet him outside of Games, to meet me in the medical room. He had laughed at that, but I was being perfectly serious, but had a laugh about it anyway.

Thankfully, they didn’t make me scavenge for some Games kit, as I hadn’t bought mine yet, so I sat down on the sidelines and watched, managing to dodge the ball (they were playing Netball) a few times.


I met Paul outside of Games, and we went into the canteen to sit down and talk.

“So, whereabouts did you move from?” Paul asked me, trying to make conversation.

“Erm, Bigfoot, in Texas.” I replied, waiting to see his reaction.

“What size feet do you have?” Paul asked, chuckling in a deep voice.

“Size eight!” I cringed, giggling.

“Well, you certainly live up to your town name!” He said elbowing me in my ribs.

“Okay, take the Mickey.” I said giggling elbowing him back.


We both burst into a fit of giggles when all of a sudden a really tall girl called Emma Johnson walked by and said “well if it isn’t Paul” and her lips curled back as she spat his name out “and his precious little girlfriend” eyeing us both as if we were some dog dirt on the bottom of her shoe.


“Hi.” I said to her with a smile on my face.

“What are you looking at – pig-face?” She said to me.

“I don’t know, coz the label’s dropped off, and I’m a human, not a pig.” I replied in a casual voice, raising one of my eyebrows.

“Don’t you know who I am?” Emma asked.

“Yeah, you’re Emma, and you obviously don’t know who I am.” I replied, and Paul struggled to fight back his laughter.

Emma was irritated and stalked off with her chin in the air.


Paul and I both burst into a fit of laughter when she had walked out of the canteen.

“How could you talk back to her like that?” He asked me stunned, clutching his sides.

“Easily – I’ve had plenty of practice back at Bigfoot.” I said, kicking him gently.

“Ow! You and your big feet! I bet your enemies wouldn’t have liked you much if you did that to them back at Bigfoot!” He said, and we both burst into a fresh set of laughter.


Then, the bell rang, and we said “Geometry” at exactly the same time, laughed yet again and walked side-by-side to Geometry. I had no clue where it was, so I let him drag me by my arm when I went the wrong way.


I had to introduce myself to the teacher, and then the teacher made me introduce myself to the class, but its okay because I would have disliked my ‘Geo’ teacher anyway, because of the subject they taught.

I was assigned a seat next to Joseph – again! I don’t know what it is with teachers and sitting me next to Joseph, but again, it was the only other seat left in the whole room. He blanked me completely again, with his dark eyes. I hid behind my hair and kept staring at him through it, and noticed that he was also staring at me, but not attempting to cover it up like me, and either only had pupils (and massive ones at that) or black-coloured eyes.

When the bell went, I found that my next class was next door, and that Paul was in a different class (a lower set) so I told him that I’d meet him outside my next class which happened to be Music – my favourite lesson ever!


I like my teacher (Miss Brown), and thankfully she didn’t make me introduce myself to the class, so naturally she was one of my favourite teachers. Its funny how things like that tend to go hand in hand isn’t it?

We were supposed to be playing the guitar, and Paul asked if I had ever done it before, and I said yes.

“You any good?” Paul asked, interested.

“Erm, sort of, I suppose. Not brilliant, but still, I can play.” I said, blushing. I decided not to mention that it usually involved me getting hurt, and when this thought occurred to me, I smiled.

“What?!” Paul asked.

“It’s nothing, in fact, you’ll probably find out.” I giggled whilst I said that, my cheeks flushing bright pink.


“Prove it.”   Paul teased.

“Fine, but don’t expect me to be any good.” I poked him in his chest, teasing him back.


I played “smoke on the water” on the guitar, and he looked impressed.

“Wow. That was pretty cool. Where did you learn that?” He asked.

“Dad taught me when I was younger.” I shrugged.

“Do you think that you could play it for Miss Brown? She’s looking for somebody to play guitar for the school talent show.” Paul pleaded with puppy dog eyes.

“Sorry, zero confidence. I only play the guitar and sing and dance in front of a couple of hundred people in this show that I do back in Bigfoot.” I said laughing. “I’m being sarcastic. I’ll see.”


When the bell rang, Paul linked with me, and I didn’t think anything of it because that’s what mates do, but we got a few wolf-whistles when we were walking down the corridor to the canteen.


I sat down with my tray of mango juice and a salad. Paul was just going on and on, and it was a relief when a bunch of his mates sat down and started talking to him. I was in a daydream and staring at the back of the room, and when I came out of the daydream I found that I was staring at the McIvor's, and Joseph McIvor was staring right back at me. As soon as I realised this I looked away quickly, but I looked away that quickly that I overbalanced myself and fell off the chair that I was sitting on.

The End

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