Uada Regnum is a small kingdom in the land of Feltur. A pack of travellers stumble into its path and face its terrors. Will they survive?

Feltur. A growing kingdom. William Marcett, the king is a very happy, old married man. Every January he sends people out to find land and grow a new population. This time he sends out George Stainton, his family and seven other families. That will be enough to make some land. He knows that for sure. Then, he will span out the land, grow more crops, and connect his kingdoms together. William is a very wealthy man with many plans to become the king of England one day. 

But the day he sent George and the seven families out he feared he may never see them again. He was 70% sure they wouldn't come back. It has happened before where some families have never returned from being sent out. He blamed himself for many deaths. But his wife Marie assured him it wasn't his fault and that the families may be lost. It made him feel better, but saddened him at the same time by the fact he may never see his friends again. 

He feared the same with George. Four months later he held a memorial for the families and had there faces posted around many villages just in case anyone had seen them. After that, he never sent a family out again. George was a good man. He was his best friend. It hurt him every day to think of him. 

This is what happened to George and the seven families. 

The End

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