"AHH! NO, PLEASE!" I begged for my life. My chest heaved with great effort to keep breathing as I swung around, trying to dodge the three whips flying at me from all angles. One hit my right leg and wrapped around it, and my entire body was pulled over with it. The leg felt like it was about to be ripped off.

Another hot flash to my stomach. I felt the cold air hit the open wound, causing it to sting and for me to scream madly. I wanted to kick the whip away and the man with it, but I couldn't find the strength. 

"Come on then, try to hit me again. It'll be your last time," I blindly promised. Another man, a bit shorter and thinner than the other, cackled and raised his whip above his hand. I felt the blood sprinting through my veins to my heart which was pounding wildly. I glared at the man with my last bit of strength.

The lanky man waved off the other two, and I knew if I defeated him the others would only come back to me with double the force. But I had to try.

As soon as the leather strand flew towards me, I swung my legs back and propelled myself forward, dodging the whip and kicking the criminal squarely in the face. Blood now poured steadily from his nose and lip as he barreled into the opposite wall. I was still swinging back and forth, for I couldn't steady myself. And the other two men were laughing heartily, doubled over.

I smiled weakly at their amusement, really wanting to impose the same injuries on them, but didn't have the energy. Instead I simply hung there, truly deafeated. But I would never tell them. Ever. Even if it killed me.

The skinny man rose from the ground, his face bloody and mad as he took a few strides in my direction. I braced myself.

The End

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