What I was running towards?  I don't know. But it felt like something was pulling me, pulling me East into the far beyond. Into a place I had never ventured before. A new adventure! And when I arrived at that tree, I knew I could keep going. Somehow, I knew there was more of the forest, and so my feet didn't even need to stop when I reached the edge of the meadow. I kept going.


I kept running through the green forest, that is, until I reached a cave. It was so set back between two large trees that I didn't almost see it. Into the mountain it was carved, and it looked deep as I paced to the mouth of it. There were stalagmites growing and boulders in the way of the path, but I jumped over them swiftly and continued on in the darkness. 

Oh, how I wish I had a flashlight. I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face. I tripped rock over rock, falling to my knees and stumbling into walls. Then an idea struck me. I bent down on one knee and put my right palm on the dirt floor. Another Elder trick. If I could do it, I would be able to use my senses to see. I closed my eyes tight, then relaxed. I could feel myself slipping inside myself until suddenly, I couldn't feel anything around me. I couldn't feel the ground or the air surrounding me, I couldn't hear the droplets of water falling from the cave ceiling or anything at all. And there it was, growing inside of me. I centered myself in it, and for a second, just a split second, I saw the inside of the cave.

With ease, I sprinted around the two large rocks in front of me (which I would have run into before), around a sharp corner and through a narrow hole, which led into a spacious chamber. There were crystals all around me, and I was reflecting off every one of them so there were a billion of me. It was beautiful. A tiny hole of sunshine shone through the top of the cave and cast green shadows all over and around. But the moment of peace was interuppted by a bloodcurdling scream.


The End

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