"AHH!" I bellowed as another whip of  pain sliced open my back. Droplets of sweat poured down my boiling face. Against my will, tears streamed down my cheeks. A pond of sweat and salty tears appeared beneath my feet, which were a foot above the cold ground. My breaths were quick, trying to take in all the air they could before they ran out. I glared and looked up, trying to cover my pain with anger.


"I'll never tell you. Never." I hissed to the gristly man. He smiled a sick grin as he rose the whip and tore across my back. I screamed and bent forward, though my hands were tied above my head and this motion was almost impossible to do. I whimpered a few times before I calmed myself down. I couldn't let him think this was getting to me. Carefully, as if to not disturb my bleeding wounds, I twisted myself around to look my predator in the eye.


"He will come for me. And then you will pay for this." For a second his face faltered. I saw a flicker of fear on his sweaty hairy face. But in another moment he had his arm raised and before I could turn away, there was a flash of heat across my face. I could feel the blood gushing from my lip and cheek across my face and into my mouth as I cried in agony before it dropped to the floor. I didn't try to stop the tears this time- it was just too much to hold back. Aya, please, I pleaded silently, come for me.

The End

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