Tyshi Warrior

Ancient Magical warrior of Japan. Powers passed down from generations.


"Help me." My eyes snapped open. Ahead of me was a sea of gray; gray clouds that were thick and overlapped like a quilt. Suddenly, a falcon came at me on its side before turning and shooting upside down.

Wait a minute, "the majestic falcon never flew on its back", as the Elders would say. I glanced down. Green needles prodded at my chin, my nose, my cheek. I sat up and was standing on my bare feet. before I realized that I was freezing. My white uniform was wrinkled and grass-stained and was the only layer of clothes I had on. My arms immediately tightened around my torso as I grasped the temperature. Around -10 Farenheit, I presumed. I took a step, the frozen grass tickling my feet, but I really couldn't tell, as they were purple and numb.  

"Help me." The voice trickled through my ears like water. The sound was sweet and succulent, yet disturbed by something. Perhaps fear? I took another step, looking to the sky. The brightest part was over the western mountains. It was setting now, faintly tainting the slate sky with pink. I heard the voice, fading into a whisper underneath the storm winds picking up.

"Please." Wait, I thought. Don't go. But the woman's voice was gone, it had disappeared in the shifting winds. I looked to my left and right, seeing no sign of life. There was no vegetation here besides the thick grasses. Then I looked behind me. There, I noted, behind the trees. And I did see it. I saw what looked like the top of a tree. I sat down on the grass. Maybe those ten years of Training School would finally pay off.

I closed my eyes and relaxed. Placing my hands on my knees, palms up, I looked deep inside of me, finding my legs. I toned my senses, and stood up, my eyes still shut. 

I could feel it now, the power I had learned, yet never executed. My eyes snapped open. Everything was shaded blue. The color of the silver-winged falcon, whose body feathers were a light shade of blue. The color of speed. I took another step. I was at the tree in a second.

The End

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