Typicαℓ Tєєηagєrs: Out For SummerMature

Follow the lives of a group of teenagers and what mischief and mayhem they get up to during their summer holidays!

Time seemed to have stopped, or was moving too slowly for me to comprehend that it was actually moving at all. I sat in the stifling hot classroom amidst my fellow classmates who all appeared to be clockwatching too, the teacher’s voice apparently falling on deaf ears.

The summer holidays ticked closer and I was perched precariously on the edge of my seat, impatiently waiting for the bell to ring and signal the end of my time at sixth form and far more exciting six weeks of freedom.

The bell sounded and instantly the sound of scraping chairs and animated chatter as everyone filed out of the classroom, I said goodbye to my old English teacher with a smile and a wave before leaving the hot classroom for the final time and heading towards my locker to clear out all the crap that had accumulated in there since the start of the academic year.

Hannah and Nate came around the corner with grins plastered all over their faces, Hannah bounded up to me with Nate in tow.

“Finally out of this place for good” Hannah squealed in delight at this, jumping up and down on the spot.

“Whoa, cool your beans Han, we have to come back one last time for results day” I reminded her wryly, a shudder going down my spine at the thought of results day.

“Yeah I know but let’s not wish our summer away” Nate said coolly.

I linked arms with Hannah and we followed the throng of students making their way hurriedly out of school, many of the sixth formers wearing shorts and t shirts to enable themselves to catch (a bit) of a tan. I could hear some of the younger students singing ‘Schools Out For Summer’ whist pulling off their thick school blazers and flinging them over the crook of one arm, their bags in the other.

“You know, I am going to make sure that this is the best darn summer break ever” I said to Hannah and Nate as we climbed down the steps out of the school and made our way towards the beach which I knew would already be teaming with people –many of which would undoubtedly be students.

The End

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