Chapter 10

Jake took me to an ice cream parlor. That was his name, but his full name was Jacob, he told me. I got chocolate ice cream in a cone. It melted all over my hands and got them all sticky. But it was very delicious.
When he sensed I was in a better mood, he tried the small talk again.
"So where are you from?"
"My home was in a small village in the Phillipines," I replied simply. He waited, processing that small bit of information, then pried further.
"Where are your parents?" My breath caught, but I fought to keep it steady. Tears pricked my eyes, but I refused to cry. Who was he to ask personal questions like that, for it was none of his business. It occured to me that I now knew how Corsel felt. I shook my head, hoping he would get the message.

I hadn't thought much about my parents since that day. I found it easier to keep going if I didn't linger on the past. I had bigger things in the future that I needed to worry about. For example, the fate of the world and human race. But every once in a while the thought would creep back into my mind, or a memory would pop up. And it hurt. A lot. But I wouldn't let it move me and I couldn't let myself be distracted. I had bigger things to worry about.
"My parents live in Michigan. Do you know where that is?" I shook my head, not taking the chance of speaking and having my voice waver.
"Oh," he repeated. "Well, it's North of here." I could tell he was being sarcastic by the tone of his voice and my frown deepened. "I'm sorry, sometimes I can't control myself."
"I can tell," I whispered under my breath, but he looked at me and scowled. Then his face softened and he laughed, throwing his head back.
"So there's your sense of humor!" I couldn't help but grin. A small grin, but it was there.

"I'm not always like this," I said a little louder. "I guess you just bring out a bad side of me."
"Sure, sure," he smiled playfully. There was silence for a moment, and I felt uneasy, like I had said something wrong. I played with my sticky fingers, trying to rub off the sugar, but it didn't really work. I glanced at him and found his eyes on me. My eyes shot back down and I felt my cheeks burning. Why was I acting like this? I didn't understand these feelings, at one moment I was red with fury and the next I was red with embaressment.  I shook off the thought and stopped walking. He walked another step before he realized I had stopped.

"What's wrong?" He asked, his eyes genuinelly concerned. I was confused.
"What do you want? Is there something you needed to ask me?" I really needed to be getting back to Corsel, or he would start worrying about me. Jake's eyes lit up, as if he remembered something.
"Oh yeah. Well, I just wanted to tell you what you did on the boat was amazing."
"What are you talking about?" I asked cautiously, pulling back a loose strand of my hair.

"You stopped the wave. I saw it. Of course, then you passed out which was kind of pathetic, but still..." My eyes grew wide as he started talking. Hadn't the remedy worked on him? It didn't make sense, because I remembered Corsel giving him the remedy as I watched. He fell asleep right after.

"You are talking like a crazy person," I insisted, turning so he couldn't see the nervousness in my eyes. But he caught up with me and put his hand on my shoulder, stopping me. When he took it away the spot tingled.
"I'm not talking crazy, I was there I saw it happen."
"Then it was a dream."
"No it wasn't," he replied in an irritated voice. I spun on my heels and looked him straight in the eye.
"The boat ride here went without a hitch. I do not know what you are talking about, and I must be leaving." And with that I walked away hastily. That is, until I heard him laugh.

"Oh...ha ha. I get it." As much as I wanted to keep walking to the car, something pulled me back. It was like I was a rubber band and he was stretching me just about as far as I could go without breaking, but I always snapped back.
"What's so funny?" I called behind my shoulder.
"You think you stopped the wave all by yourself." What is he talking about? Of course I did it by myself, it's my destiny!
"I did stop it!" I shouted at him, rage filling my mind. Jake trotted to me and smiled smugly.
"You just admitted it." I broke. I pushed his shoulders and he stumbled back, the sickly smile still on his lips.

"You think you're so funny, don't you? Well you don't even know me!" The smile reached his eyes.
"I'd like to know you." He was having way too much fun irritating me. My fingertips started tingling, and I knew I was about to get out of control. With a twitch of a finger I could send him flying through the air, never to bother me again. Instead, I just kept him pinned to the ground so I could give him a piece if my mind.
"Listen here, I have a lot to do. And truly, you annoy me. So if you would please leave me alone, it would be greatly appreciated."

The End

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