Chapter 8

I was at his side in a second, the water thrusting me towards him.
"Aellae, are you okay?" He asked me as soon as I was in earshot, and I had to laugh. He was worried about me when he was the one in danger.
"I'm fine, don't worry about me. But we need to get you back up..." and then I heard the shouts.

"The girl! She jumped off the edge! Call the captain, get a rope!" I glanced up to the boat to see a boy leaning over the side and pointing at us.
"Aellae, hold on!" Corsel yelled and pulled me closer. Before I knew what was happening we were both underwater, tumbling through the waves. Water was going up my nose and into my mouth, the salt was stinging my eyes and I couldn't manage a breath. It was a kind of fear I hadn't experienced in a long time, and the thought of dying occured to me.  For some unknown reason I could not locate my powers and I was completely defenseless.
And then I could breathe.

"Are you okay, Lea?" Corsel asked me as he turned me around. I looked up, not realizing I had closed my eyes. The two of us were in a bubble, and the vigorous currents could not touch us.
"How did you do this?" I wondered, astonished. He smiled, wrinkles forming next to his eyes because his smile was so big.
"I meant to tell you, I really did. I can waterbend, but just a little bit. I had to know enough to know how to train you."
"Oh, alright," I said simply. Reaching out my hand I popped his bubble. But instead of drowning we kept floating up, and when we were out of the water I let the air take care of us, and we floated back onto the deck.

Unfortunately when we returned it was a bit more grand of an entrance than I had intended. Approximately 100 pairs of eyes were staring at us as our feet touched the floor and I felt my cheeks get warm. Especially when I saw the boy who had saw me jump standing there with a rope in his hand. I was about to explain when someone screamed. All eyes then went to a lady standing at the back of the boat, her finger pointed to the sky. Soon everyone else was screaming at the huge wave about to crush the ship to smithereens.

"Corsel, what do I do?" I cried at him nervously, my heart racing through my chest. But he stood there calmly and nodded.
"You know what you must do." My heart immediatly slowed down and I forgot all about the danger awaiting me. My first priority was to save the innocent lives aboard this boat. Since everyone already knew that I was different, crazy even, I thrust my arms behind me and the water glazing the deck moved underneath  me, pushing me forward. I was quickly at the top of the boat standing next to the captain who was staring at me with a horrified expression.

"Listen, everyone!" I called out below me, but no one payed attention. I composed myself and shouted louder, "Please! Listen to me!". But the bodies ran amuck below me and I could sense the wave not 20 feet away. I planted my feet and the wave slowed, but was too powerful for me to stop it completely. I tried yelling again, and this time another, unfamiliar voice joined mine. This caught the attention I was looking for and I looked down to see the boy standing below me on deck, his arms wide and waving.

In that second he looked up at me too, and our eyes locked. Thankful, I nodded and broke the connection as I realized we were just moments away from destruction.

"Please, everyone! I need you to get low on the ground. I can stop this, but I will need you all to cooperate." My eyes flickered to my right and I saw the wave closing in. "NOW! HURRY!" I bellowed and raised my arms high above my head. Air swirled around my feet and I closed my eyes. I could feel my body being lifted into the sky and the weight of the air on my arms, but I was strong enough to withstand the pressure. So strong, in fact, that I even surprised myself.

The water was cool against my fingertips, but it never left them. The water only passed above my head, over the boat and past it so that not even a single drop hit the ship or any of the people. The air swirling around me made a bubble so the incoming waves parted to either side of the boat or below it. And then, when I felt it was over, I opened my eyes to the bright blue sky above. The air beneath me disappeared and I was lowered safely to the deck. Then I blacked out.

The End

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