Chapter 7

Corsel's eyes probed my face as I stared back.
"Do you understand?" He asked in a soft tone, squeezing my hands. I nodded and replied,
"I understand." his lips turned up into a smile and he gave my hands a final squeeze in his. Suddenly, there were rapid footsteps above us on the deck. Corsel stood up and sprinted to the staricase leading to the deck while I jumped to the window just in time to be splashed in the face by salty water. I raised my hand and the droplets evaporated.

Through my stinging eyes I saw raging waves crashing into the boat, throwing it around like a plastic toy. I heard the shouts of "ALL HANDS ON DECK!" and "SECURE THE ROPES!" from the crewmates.  Telling Miki to stay, I followed Corsel.

There was havoc on deck. Besides the three of us, there were about 75 other passengers on this ship and they were all on deck, screaming and grabbing bright orange vests off of each other. I noticed one man that was higher up than the rest and standing next to the wooden wheel. He was wearing a blue suit and hat with orange hair underneath and a beard to match, and he was waving his hands all around, trying to get everyone's attention. But no one seemed to be listening.

I scanned the boat for Corsel and spotted him in a corner surrounded by other people. I raced over to him, dodging frantic travelers with horrified faces, and finally reached him right when a wave crashed into our side of the boat. It knocked me over before I could raise my hands to stop it, and when I did the water flew over me. Through the wall of seawater I saw people flying about from the strength of the water and heard the thuds as they came crashing down on the wooden floor. It made me cringe.

"Corsel!" I shouted as soon as I stood up. Many others were still floating in a foot of water, struggling to catch their footing. The water parted at my feet as I walked around and looked for Corsel. But he was nowhere on the deck.
"Corsel!" I screamed again, spinning around in a circle as the people around me stood up and blocked my view. Even if he was still on the ship he would not be able to hear me through the shrieks and screams of the others.

I pushed my way through the crowds, reaching desperately for the side of the boat. I flung my head over the railing as soon as I touched it and looked down.
There he was, to my relief, floating in the water. The orange vest was holding him up above the currents and his arms were flailing around as he attempted to swim back to the boat.
"Corsel!" I cried with relief. "I'm coming!" And with that I jumped off the edge of the boat into the raging water.

The End

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