Chapter 6

Five Years Later~~~~~~

This boat was making Miki seasick. The constant swaying motion back and forth was too much for him and I'll just say, my white shirt wasn't white anymore.

But to me, this way of the water was now a part of me and I swayed back and forth in tune with the waves. My eyes shut for only a second until I heard the wretching noise of my cat throwing up in my lap. Corsel laughed when I made a face.

"It is what you deserve, Aellae, for bringing that cat with us," he snickered as I rubbed off the foam. I glared at him and patted Miki on the head and he purred pathetically.
"It is not like I could have left him there, Corsel. He's my best friend." Corsel rolled his eyes and looked back down into the book he was reading. I stole a glance at the cover but couldn't understand the writing. It was in a different language. In a casual voice I asked,
"How many languages do you know anyway?" He slammed shut the book and stared at me.

"How many times have I told you not to look at my things, they are private!" I laughed and stood up, ignoring his attitude. He was so possessive of things, always worrying about their safety and his privacy. I was included in this catagory. It seemed so distant, the memory of the first day I met Corsel. The worst and best day of my life. I had never cried since then, for I never needed to cry. Corsel had protected me as I was growing up, all the while teaching me to use my powers and being there for me whenever I needed him. He was like my second father. My only father, I thought with a sigh.

"Where are we going again?" I wondered out loud, gazing out into the sea and watching the water swirl in my presense.
"It is America, Aellae. The United States of America."
"Amairica," I repeated, trying to make my tongue cooperate so the strange word would sound right. I had no such luck "Amirika. And where are we going in Amarica?"
A state called Florida. you should be able to  pronounce that one." He said, stifiling a giggle. I huffed, though inside I agreed with him. My english needed work.

"Florida. It is a nice name. Am I going to school in Florida?" Corsel smiled as he opened his book again.
"Yes, it is a very nice name. And you are going to High School. That is a school for people of your age, so I hope you will make many friends." Friends? I thought, my mind racing. I had never had friends before, that is, besides Miki and Corsel.
"Do you think they will like me?"
"Of course they will, Lea. Who wouldn't like you? You have changed very much since you were a child, you are a new person with a new life and new oppertunities in America. Just be yourself."

That much was true, I had changed a lot. For one, my choppy black hair had grown out and was fuller, longer, and softer. My face had grown to frame my deep brown almond-shaped eyes and my lips and nose fit in better than they had before. Plus, I was much taller and had grown into my body. I was a "teenager", as Corsel would call me.
But one thing puzzled me.

"Hmm?" He muttered without looking up. I peeled my eyes away from the racing waves hitting the boat to watch him read.
"I'm confused. If I were to be myself around others, would they not know my secret?" His eyes stopped moving. After a second he closed the book and motioned for me to sit down next to him.

"Dear Aellae, there is only one thing you must remember.  The people living in this new world do not know of the legends of our village. If they were to see you bend, (meaning waterbend/ airbend) they would not understand. That is why you must, unless there is absolute need, keep your powers a secret."

The End

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