Chapter 5

"So what does this have to do with me?" I asked Corsel, almost afraid to know the answer. He sighed sadly, his eyes sparkling.
"There is a reason your mother never talked about her family when she was alive. For your father's family, I have no knowledge. But your mother never had family. She was an orphan, the daughter that was skipped over a generation. Your grandmother was the Great-Granddaughter of Aella. She was part of the legend." None of this sunk in, for my mind would not let it be so. The pain from the death of my parents was still fresh, and to think I had no other family to go to...

One word. Unbearable.

But then again, something inside of me warmed at the thought. I had never known why I was so shy, why I was so different. All my life I wanted to be something else-someone else. Someone that people wanted to be friends with, wanted to talk too. But perhaps this characteristic was something I simply could not be rid of. It was in my blood!
Everything clicked, as if the gates to heaven opened up above me and I could finally see clearly. I could almost picture Aella above me in the sky, smiling down upon me, and I felt...well, I felt whole.
I smiled and looked into Corsel's eyes, looking for any hint of insincereness. I found none.

"So," I began, "what must I do?"

The End

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