Chapter 4

I went Corsel's home for a warm drink and cried for hours after. Apparantly, the water had crushed the flood gates, rose above the barriers and destroyed everything- and everyone. Since nobody could leave the village, there was such a huge pileup, no one survived the surge.

"Then how are we..." I croaked after I could speak again. Corsel looked at me with wise eyes, the color blue of the ocean at peace. The wrinkles seemed ageless, and he spoke in a tongue I could not understand.
"Too sake mei hoke la to-sea in ba-rembso eqalios, Aellae, lei sora um perui sin sea."
"What does that mean?"

"To mankind, a hope is given, whirlwinds, no more destruction from the sea. That is you, Aellae. You are the prophecy."

And so I learned who I truly was. I never knew anything about my ancestry, nor did my parents, not really. I had never met my grandparents who had passed before I was born, and my parents had never talked about them. Corsel told me of an old folk legend of our village, the heroin Aella. She was the guardian of the storm, a protector, of sorts. She was a granted gifts from the skies, here to protect the world from the disasters that we had brought upon ourselves, that we couldn't control.

She had lived many years ago, long before I was born. And she had ruled for hundreds of years before she was taken back to the skies at a most awful time, right before the biggest storm of the century. But, unknown to the people, she had left a gifted heir behind. A daughter, as would be tradition for years to come. And when she came of age the daughter of Aella saved the world from ultimate destruction and followed in her mother's footsteps, a servant of the world for hundreds of years. That is, until it was her time to join Aella in the skies. As was foretold, she gave forth a daughter in her place, but this time it was different.

The daughter had  no power to serve the world with and so, grew up a normal orphan with no idea of who she truly was. So the legacy skipped a generation in which the world suffered devastation to the maximum. Until the granddaughter of Aella gave forth a daughter, not expecting anything to come of it. Right away the great-grandaughter of the great Aella showed strength  in unusual ways. From the skies Aella had no doubt that this child would once again win over the hearts of a new generation of doubters and bring the world to peace.

But the new legacy had a difficult challenge ahead of her. The generation of believers had passed, and now almost no one knew of Aella's prophecy. And if they did know of it, they believed it only a fetched tale, for the supposed Aella had left the world to perish a hundred years before. What was this child to do?

She saved everyone in secret. For this extrordinary child was like no other ancestor of Aella. She was shy, she was modest, and she was humble. And so she did not boast her powers as some would expect from such a powerful individual, but she hid them, only to use them when the world needed her.

And so the tale of Aella was changed forever.

The End

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