Chapter 3

"Little girl?" My eyes popped open but I couldn't see. There was only the gray, the wave crashing down on me- I screamed, sticking my arm out in front of me again. But something took my arm this time and held it so I couldn't bring it down.

"Little girl, open your eyes." Then I really opened my eyes. And old man, with hair the color of the water was standing over me. He was the one who held my arm. I pulled it back angrily and fell back, only now aware that Miki was in my other arm. He looked at my with his emerald eyes which were completely focused on me. I knew he was happy to see me awake.

"Oh, Miki. Thank goodness you're alright. I thought that wave..." I couldn't finish. The pain was too much to bear. I realized the old man was still there. I bolted upright and walked a few feet away from him, but the ground was thick and muddy, the grass had been peeled away. Except for the place where I had been laying. The man stood on the patch of grass, grinning at my bewildered expression.

"Wha-what's going on?" I asked suspiciously, eyeing the green ground again.
"You were asleep for a long time," he replied in a thick accent, smiling so I could see his yellow teeth. I grimaced and took another step back. His face changed, his eyes understanding and his grin calm.
"You do not need to be afraid of me. In fact, I think we will be very good friends." What was this? I asked myself. What did this old man want with me. I knew I should have been running away, trying to find my parents, but something told me to stay and hear this man's story...

"Who are you, sir?"
"I am Corsel, and you are Aellae. I know this, and you shall soon find out why. But first you may accompany me back to my cottage for a nice cup of tea. I also have hot cocoa, if that would be more appealing to you?" He asked, eyebrows raised. I shook my head and gripped Miki tighter. This man, though he encouraged otherwise, frightened me.

"I need to find my parents, sir. I cannot come with you," and with that I turned around a walked away, fast. The man did not follow me, but instead yelled to me from behind.
"You will not find your parents, Aellae." I stopped but didn't turn around.
"Why not?" I shouted behind me. At first, there was no reply.

After a few moments he spoke softly, "There were no survivors. We are the only ones left."

The End

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