Chapter 2

"Aellae, you must hurry!" My mother yelled from the doorway. I looked up to see her rushing down the three wooden steps outside of our small apartment, her bags in hand. 

"Miki, please come, we must go!" I begged my cat who was crouched defensively under my bed in the corner, hissing dreadfully. He could sense something bad was going on, since the house was almost empty of our belongings and there was a tense feeling in the air. There was a hurricane coming, and the village was being evacuated. Since we were thrown out right on the coast of the sea, we had to leave now, or else we might never leave. My neighbor, who is fortunate enough to have a colored TV that actually receives the spotty signals, told us that the entire country was being relocated to America, where we would stay until the storm blew past and the government was able to rebuild our homes.

"Aellae, now! We must leave now! There is no more time, the rain has started!" 
"MIKI!" I shouted under the bed and stood up. He hastily crawled out and jumped into the small basket filled with my journal I had received this year for my eighth birthday, photographs, and a blanket. Throwing a rag on top of the pile I ran out into the rain and yanked open the door of our family car, an old clunker that barely ran anymore. But it was all my family could afford.

"Careful with the door, Lae. Do not rip it off." My father scolded in a calm, yet nervous voice. I gently pulled back on the door frame and it glided shut. The basket laid next to me and Miki on my lap all the way to the town's border, right along the sea. The gate's were wide open, no officials daring to direct the hoard of honking cars and running people forcing their way through the small exits. The rain made spots on my window, and I traced over them with my finger, filled with an eerie calm. Then I rolled down the window and stuck out my hand. The rain caressed it, massaging  the back of my hand which was facing the heavy downpour.

My mother sighed. "Aellae, please close that door. You are going to get all of us wet."
"But Mama, the rain is warm! Feel it for yourself." I leaned forward to touch her with my damp hand and she shrieked, batting me away. Then I felt something on my back and turned around just in time to see Miki hop out of the open window.

"MIKI!" I screamed, thrusting my head out the window to see him belting through the traffic. "No!" Since I was small enough, I simply followed him out of the window and fell to the muddy ground. I was soon back on my feet and running in his tracks. I heard my mother calling me back, but I didn't listen. I couldn't leave him in this deathtrap.

The rain was stinging my eyes and face, falling so fast it didn't seem possible. The wind slowed me also, pushing me onto the ground countless times. And though my hand were numb, my feet mud-soaked and my hair whipping my face, I kept in Miki's tracks and called out to him.

"Miki! Please wait! Stop running!" And then he stopped dead, screeching to a halt and allowing me to scoop him up. His fur was slippery in the rain but I would not let him go.
"Miki, why did you do that? Mama and Father will be so worried about us!" I stated as I turned on my heels, expecting to see the line of cars and my parents running towards us. But I couldn't see anything. Not anything. There was only gray rain mixing with the wind, blurring my vision and obstructing the path.  Suddenly I heard a roar behind me, and just the sound of it knocked me over, Miki still securely in my grasp. My face was drenched and tasted of salt, my nose frozen. It was the sea. And barreling towards me was a tidal wave, 50 times the size of my house. Maybe even 100 times. An arm length away, and so I did. I put my arm out in front of me hoping maybe, just maybe I could shield myself from the inevitable.  

The End

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