A fifteen year old girl living in a small village the Philippines. Aellae always knew she was different, but it wasn't until her 8th birthday that she realized just how different she really was. Now she is making her way in the world and still protecting the ones she loves. But when will the responsibility become too much?

I always knew I was different from the others kids my age. When I first began going to school in my little religious village, unknown by anyone else, the other kids didn't like me. They never played with me, or let me join in their games. In school the teachers wouldn't call on me even when I knew the answer, but they continued to tell my parents that I was unwilling to participate in class. No one liked me, and I failed out of school. My parents did not understand what was going on. But as I was their only child, they refused to see my live my life like they had to, uneducated and sad, so they took it upon themselves to teach me.

Though they weren't equipped with the tools nessescary to teach me correctly, they made do. My father would take me out to the fields and teach me how the crops were grown. How the wind blew across the fields in such a way that it looked like the grass was a sea. And my mother took me to the pond every day. We swam with the fish in the water and I saw how they breathed underwater, and how the plants acted as a hiding spot for small creatures. 

And when it was time for me to learn about human life, my mother brought home two cats, and I named them Anila, for the wind, and Lei, meaning thunder. They had three kittens but only one lived. I named him Miki, which meant miracle to me. Miki became my best friend and he came with me everywhere. Even when we moved out of my home town to America, he came with me on that journey.


The End

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