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i'm not too sure why it was tagged as "mature content", a it contains nothing explicit. I will, however, post here Artemis's next post. It is, however, also contained in "want you so bad"

Loki Samnetira

By: Artemis

Entry Date: June 17, 5:46AM


            “Loki, what’s the matter?”

            His words were so…mellifluous that I shivered, hugging myself before I twisted to see him. He leaned against the glass doorframe, blue hair blown back in the sea breeze, melancholy drenching his features, drooping slightly, like a wet rag. A burning sensation lit in my throat, and I turned back to the railing, leaning into the iron rails. Footsteps sounded behind me, and soon, he was pitched against rail.

            “Did I do something wrong…or…?”

            Shaking my head, I tried my hardest not to say anything, not to lash out at him. Temper wasn’t my strong point…especially after deception. Iverson was just one of those men who were more convincing than others, though…his words could’ve been those of a sincere individual. But I just couldn’t believe that…it had been done before.


            Taking a deep breath, I gave him the simplest answer I could concoct, “I feel sick.”

            However, this didn’t achieve the effect I would’ve liked, for I was being gently pulled away from the railing and towards the room. Spinning on him, I jerked my hand away from him, glaring viciously in his direction.

            “Loki, I know you’re not sick. What did I do?” Iverson crooned.

            Steaming, I left him staring dumbly after me as I sprinted out of the room.



            Finding myself at the top deck, I wondered what the hell was making me so upset with him. I’d been positively livid…my hands were clenching the guard rail, the color of my knuckles subsiding to white. My bell sleeves rippled peacefully in the breeze, soothing the skin of my forearms. I was taken by this boy, utterly fascinated by how…he could throw together all these things, make it seem so authentic and…blameless. Yet, he wasn’t the first, not even for I. Many before him had attempted what he did now, so many more, and knowing as I was; only hurt could follow consent.

            “Hey there, Loki!” Quin’s voice floated towards me. Sometimes, being on a ship was a bad thing; because eventually, you’d be discovered.

            “Quin,” I nodded to him. “How are you?”

            “Thought that I’d get some fresh air.”

            “I see.”

            “Hey, too bad you’re stuck with Iverson tonight, huh?” Quin sniggered, tapping his fingers on the railing.

            Blinking, I asked, “why?”

            Uncompromisingly, his response was, “because it would be cooler to room with me. I think I’m cooler…he’s not girl-smart.”

            Surprised by his words, I decided to inquire on this, “What do you mean by that? Does he always get in trouble with his girlfriends or something? He seems like such a…."

The End

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