Character Bios

Main Character

Writer: Gabriel

Liam Aronis, 16, post-10th grade.

Above-Average student in a less-than-average community

Attends Private school but never seems to get along with anyone due to the striking prejudice placed against him and his family


Main Character’s Neighbor

Writer: Angel

Kazumi Ayase, 15, Post-9th grade.

Excellent student with no opportunities. Parents too poor and stubborn to send her away to private school.

Attends public school


Rebellious Rich Kid

Writer: Luka

Iverson Lox, 16, post 10th grade

A student who puts absolutely no effort into school

Attends Private school


Unloved and Unappreciated Scholarship Student

Writer: Noel

Quin Desmond, 16, post-10th grade

Liam’s classmate, shoved into the same prejudices

Attends Private school


First-Born with too many expectations on them

Writer: Artemis

“Loki” Samnetira, 16, Post 10th Grade

A privileged child in a challenging, pressuring environment

Attends semi-private school


Would-be Photographer

Writer: Mel

Kendra Hill, 14, Post 9th Grade

A poor child with only enough money to afford one video camera and classes at her public school. She spends every last moment looking for artistic approaches in everything, capturing what she can on film and expressing it wherever possible.

The End

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