Type M Blood: Part Sixteen

Blaze shoved Ash and Will down the hallway. "You need to go, now! I'll stay here and cover you."
Ash looked at her father. "No! I'm not leaving you! I just found you and I don't want to lose you again!"
Blaze reached into a pocket on his lab coat and pulled out a silver locket. "Take this, it was your mother's. Now go!"
Blaze pushed her again.
Ash shook her head as tears started streaming down her face. "No! I won't leave you!"
Will wrapped his arms around her waist and dragged her back. "Come on, Ash, there's nothing we can do."
She beat against his hands. "Will, no, stop! Dad! No! Go back!"
Will kicked open a door and pulled Ash outside. "Ash, come on! He wants us to go, so let's go!"
"We have to go back to him, Will! I can't leave him!"
Will dragged a hysterical Ash through the front yard. The alarm was louder outside. Guards rushed past, running inside. Will pulled Ash towards the fence. He flicked a drop of blood on the wiring and it fell under an onslaught of water. Will pulled Ash through the wet fence.
Will twisted Ash around and grabbed her shoulders. "Ash, focus! We have to get away from here! Those guards will realize we're missing and come after us. You need to snap out of it and run!"
Ash looked back towards the facility. "But…"
Will slapped her face. "Ash, snap out of it!"
Ash looked at him, dazed. "You hit me."
"It's better than what those guards will do if they catch us, Ash."
The baying of a bloodhound rang out through the air.
Ash froze. "Will…"
Will grabbed her hand and started running.

The End

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