Type M Blood: Part Fifteen

Ash lay on the floor. Will was laying on the floor next to her. His head was propped up on his hand and he traced designs on Ash's torso. Ash was trying to catch her breath. Before she'd come here, she'd had other boyfriends. They had kissed her, but no other kiss made her feel the way Will's did. Ash turned her head and faced Will. His hand moved upward and traced the outline of her lips. Ash smiled and kissed his fingertips.
Will put his hand on the other side of her and leaned over her, his blue eyes sparkling. "We've got tons more time, Ash."
She smiled. "I know."
Will leaned down and kissed her nose.
Ash closed her eyes. "Kiss lower."
Will brought his head down and kissed her lips. She leaned up and put one hand on the back of his neck. He deepened the kiss and leaned down, pushing Ash back against the wood floor.
Will pulled back slowly. "So what do you want to do?"
"We need to plan our escape, for real. We need to try and figure out where this facility is so we know what direction to go."
Will sighed and hooked one leg over Ash's. "So we're back to that again." Will put one hand on her shoulder. "There are other things we could do. Planning can wait. We have the rest of the day for that."
Ash smiled and sat up. "I know, but we need to get it done or we'll forget about doing it."
Will put his forehead against hers. "Are you sure you want to do that now?"
"Yes." Ash leaned forwards and brushed her lips across his before she stood up and grabbed her clothes.
Will groaned and followed her suit. "So how are we going to figure out where we are?"
Ash walled to the door as she pulled her top back down. "We ask my dad."
Will shrugged. "Guess we have no other choice."
Ash opened the door. "Dad, where are we?"
Blaze looked down the hallway in both directions. "We're on an island in the middle of a large, not so well known lake in southern Colorado."
Will looked over Ash's shoulder. "My house isn't too far from the southern Colorado border. Ash and I can get a plane and fly to my home."
Blaze nodded.
Ash leaned against the door. "Are you sure you can't come with us?"
Blaze shrugged. "I could if you would help me get this bracelet off."
Ash grabbed his wrist. The bracelet shook with the movemet.
Ash smiled. "So you want me to break it?"
Blaze nodded. "Try and burn through it."
Ash reached up to the cut on her cheek. It was closed. She shut her eyes and hit it once, hard enough to break the fragile layer of new skin. A line of blood trickled down her cheek. Ash dipped her finger in it and held her finger over the bracelet. The metal hissed and steamed as Ash's flaming blood seeped through it. The heat was enough to crack it.
Ash smiled and looked at her father.
Blaze shook his wrist. "It's looser, but I still can't get it off."
Will opened the door wider and grabbed Blaze's wrist. "It's still really hot. If it cols down quickly enough, it'll crack even more."
"How are we going to do that?" Ash asked as she walked out in the hallway.
Will reached into his pocket and grabbed a small pocket knife. "I'll do it. If we keep applying heat, then cool, it'll get brittle and break."
Blaze nodded. "Do what you have to do."
Will made a small cut on his finger and blue-green blood dripped out on the metal. The bracelet steamed and the crack grew bigger. Ash put more blood on it and the bracelet turned white with heat. Ash and Will repeated the process until the crack was almost through the thick metal.
When there was only a thin layer of metal left, Ash looked at Will. "What next?"
Will looked at Blaze. "We could do both at the same time, I think that would definately finish it off."
Ash nodded. Blaze pressed his lips in a thin line. Something about the bracelet was tugging at the back of his mind, but he couldn't remember. Blaze shook his head. He was almost free! Will looked at Ash and nodded. At the same time, the bracelet was hit with fire and water. After a minute, there was a crack and the bracelet fell to the ground. The trio looked at each other and smiled. Then an alarm went off.

The End

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