Type M Blood: Part Fourteen

Blaze stood outside Ash's room. Getting Devon to leave had been easier than he thought it would've been. But now it was only Blaze left to pretend to guard Ash's room. Blaze wondered what Will and Ash were doing. He couldn't hear any talking.
Blaze shook he's head. "Kids."
He stood out in the hallway, wishing time would go faster. He looked at his watch. Eight o'clock. They still had sixteen hours. Blaze knew he had given Ash enough money to pay for food, transportation, and even hotel rooms. He shook his head. Blaze felt like he was giving up his daughter after thinking she was dead for twelve years. Blaze rolled up his sleeve and looked at the tracking bracelet. The sponsor for the MBF had put it on Blaze after Blaze had revealed his powers in a fit of anger. Blaze angrily shook his wrist. The bracelet didn't budge. But…Blaze suddenly smiled. It was a crazy idea, but it might actually work! Blaze closed his eyes and concentrated. He felt the familiar heat of the fire rising in his body. Blaze's clothes didn't burn, the sponser had made are all of Blaze's clothes were fireproof. Bt maybe he hadn't been so careful with the bracelet. Blaze hoped he hadn't. The fire leapt from his skin around the bracelet, under it, trying to find a single weakness. There was none. Blaze frowned. Then he would have to make one. He pushed all his energy into one flame, sharp as a knife. A small fracture appeared in the bracelet. Blaze smiled. He lost concentration and the flame disappeared. Blaze opened his eyes and shook his wrist again. The bracelet shook. Blaze smiled. He was almost free.

The End

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