Type M Blood: Part Thirteen

A montage of shock, surprise, and confusion flitted across his face. "But…"
Ash came up beside him and put her hand in his. She turned his face until his blue eyes were looking into her gold-orange ones.
"Will, we're getting out of here. Tonight. At midnight. You and I are leaving." It took a second for it to sink in.
"Ash, you mean we're leaving this time? But how do you know we won't be caught again?" Will looked suspisiously at Blaze.
"Will, we won't. I know we won't."
Will took his hand away and looked at the floor. He mumbled something and them looked back up at Ash. "So that's why I'm here? So we can plan our real escape?"
Ash nodded.
Blaze let go of his daughter and walked back to the door. "I'll guard the door and let you out when it's time."
Ash nodded. "Bye, dad."
After the door closed, she turned and looked at Will. "Will…"
He put one finger against her lips. "Ash, stop. No more talking until after we're gone." Will leaned closer and brushed his lips across her cheek, her jaw, before stopping on her lips. He kissed her hard. Will pushed her back into the maroon wall behind her. Ash kissed him back and soon her room was full of steam as fire and water met. His hand gently grabbed a handful of her damp, silky curls and pulled her head back, exposing her throat. His warm lips nuzzled her neck as chills ran up and down Ash's spine. She brought his head back up and brought his lips to meet hers. They kissed again, and soon there was so much steam in Ash's room that they were both dripping wet. Water and fire danced together in the air above their heads. Will pulled back, but kept his hands on Ash, keeping her close. Ash kissed the underside of Will's jaw. He growled.
"Ash, this is never going to work out."
"What? All you have to do is kiss me, hold me, love me. That's all that needs to go on." She brushed her lips against his.
"Ash, you're too tempting." Will brought his mouth down on hers and they were kissing again. The rest of the world faded away into a hot, wet ball of steam as two enemies met in the air above the lovers' heads. After another minute, Will pulled back and slowly let go of Ash.
Ash looked down. "We need to plan our escape."
Will gently traced her jaw. "Ash, it's only seven thirty. We've got over twelve hours to talk and plan our escape."
Ash closed her eyes. "Will, we need to go ahead and plan it. We'll do it now. It won't take long."
Will pressed closer to Ash. "Well what do you want to plan?" His voice was husky.
Ash had to concentrate hard with Will this close. "Like…like where we're going to go after we escape. How are we…going to get there?"
Will wrapped one arm tight around Ash's waist. "We'll find the way to my house. We'll take a taxi, plane, walk. Anything that'll get us there. Don't worry, Ash, we'll find a way."
Ash looked up at Will. "Are you sure?"
Will smiled. "Absolutely."
Ash looked back down. "What if…"
"What if what?"
Ash closed her eyes. "What if we don't make it? What if we die?"
Will pressed closer to Ash, no space between them. "Then we have time to kill before we're gone."
Ash looked into Will's blue eyes. "What did you have in mind?"
Will brought his mouth down on hers and kissed her hard. He pushed against Ash and pushed her into the wall behind her. Will deepened the kiss. His hands ran down her torso and found the bottom of her shirt. His cool hands were under her shirt, pressed against her skin. Ash pulled back for a second. Will's lips followed hers and he kissed her again. Thirlls ran through her body as Will's hands went higher, slowly pushing her shirt up. Ash lightly traced the edges of Will's lips with her tongue. Will deepened the kiss. Ash found the bottom of his shirt and pushed it up. She ran her hands acroos his stomach, just as she had fantasized earlier. Will pulled back and pulled his shirt over his head.
He looked at Ash. "We're doing this on your terms, Ash. You set the pace. What do you want?"
Ash put one hand on Will's shoulder and pulled him closer. "I want you to kiss me."
Will put his mouth on hers again. He kissed her hard, like she was the air he breathed. Ash's hand slid up from his shoulder to his hair. Will's hands were suddenly under her shirt again, pressed against her stomach. Ash's other hand went down, tracing his scars across his torso. Her fingers stopped where his jeans started. The scars dipped lower. Ash hesitated for a second.
Will pulled back, his warm, ragged breath rushing across her face. "I'm yours, babe. Just don't stop."
Ash's voice was uneven. "But my dad…"
"Babe, your dad's on the other side of that thick door making sure no one walks in here. It's just you and me."
Ash's fingers found the button to his jeans. She undid the button.
Will lifted her chin and kissed the underside of her jaw. "Don't stop, babe."
Ash's heart pounded against her chest as she kissed him again. Will's lips pressed hard against hers, erasing all thought, all caution. She hooked one finger in his belt loop and pulled down. Will shimmied out of his jeans and pushed them aside. He pulled back. Ash kept her eyes closed, her breath ragged. Will pushed her to the side. Ash fell to the floor as Will kissed her. His lips made a line from her jaw to the top of her shirt.
Ash gasped. "Please," she whispered breathlessly. "Please."
Will kissed her throat and pulled her shirt over her head. Will  brought his mouth down on hers again. Ash pressed her hands against the back of his head, trying to get him closer. She knew that this time wouldn't hurt.

The End

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