Type M Blood: Part Twelve

Will was sitting on a chair in his room, looking at the floor. Why had he killed Zephyr? What was the real reason? Had he done it as an act of mercy, knowing Zephyr would never escape? Will shook his head and looked harder at the floor as if it held his answers. Hushed voices outside his room made him look up. Will ran to the door and pressed his ear against it. He recognized one of the voices as Blaze. What did he want with Will? Some middle ground had been reached between Blaze and the guard because the door was unlocked. Will jumped back to his chair and sat down. He resumed staring at the floor as Blaze walked in.
Blaze walked where Will was. "You won't find any answers there, I've tried."
Will looked up. "What do you want, Blaze?"
"I don't want you, Ash does."
Will stood up. "Why? So she can finish beating me up for killing Zephyr? No. I'm not going."
Blaze looked down. "That's not why, Will. Just trust me, you need to come with me to Ash. It's the only way you're going to escape."
Do it for Ash. Those words repeated in Will's head.
He finally looked at Blaze. "Fine. But only for Ash."
Blaze's shoulders sagged with relief. "Okay. Follow me."

Ash paced her room, excited almost to the point of madness. Was this how Zephyr had been all the time? Ash could see why Zephyr had been the way she was. Ash repeatedly looked at the door. Where were Blaze and Will? She glanced up at the clock. It was only seven in the morning. Ash groaned. They had a lot of waiting to do. Ash kept pacing for a few minutes. What was taking them so long? Ash felt like she was about to scream. She suddenly heard Blaze's voice outside her door. Ash ran to the door and pulled on the handle. Locked. Ash stepped back as the door was unlocked. Ash hugged Blaze tightly. Will had a sullen look on his face. He watched Ash hug Blaze and then looked down.
Ash turned to Will. "Will, this is my dad."

The End

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