Type M Blood: Part Eleven

Ash jerked her hand away from Will's like he was a venemous snake. "You what? She was a bloodthirsty madwoman, but she didn't deserve to die!"
Will's voice was pleading. "Ash, I know. I didn't want to. She attacked me. Zephyr wanted me to help her kill Gustav and Blaze. I said no and she attacked me. I killed her in self-defense."
Ash glared at Will. "I don't care if it was in self-defense. You're still a murderer."
Will laughed sharply. "Me? A murderer? I'm not the one that set a fire and killed my whole family."
Ash's eyes began glowing gold-orange in the darkness. "I had no control over myself. I was young. I didn't know what these powers were."
Will took a step back. "Call it whatever you want, but you're no better than I am."
Ash threw a fireball at Will. "I didn't purposely kill an innocent girl! She could've escaped and found her family!"
The fireball sizzled as it hit Will's shoulder.
Will took a step back from the angry Ash. "Ash, if I hadn't killed her, she would've killed me. I had to."
Ash threw another fireball at him. "No, you didn't. You could have reasoned with her! She may have been insane, but she was smart. Zephyr would've listened!"
Will took another step back and created a shield of water. "Ash, I had to. I'm sorry."
Ash's voice was slowly raising in volume. "You're sorry? Sorry? You just killed someone and all you can say is you're sorry? Will, you shouldn't be apologizing. And even you are, then don't do it to me. Apologize to Zephyr."
Will moved his liquid shield to cover his arm as Ash threw another fireball at him. "Ash, you don't understand."
Ash's eyes were gold-orange and blazing with anger. "Will, what do I not understand? You killed Zephyr. That's all there is to understand, you murderer!"
Will dropped his shield and reabsorbed the water. "Ash, fighting isn't going to get us anywhere. It's only going to get us recaptured. Ash, just trust why I did it."
Ash dove towards Will, knocking him to the ground.
"Ash, what are you doing?"
Ash looked over her shoulder. "Will, shut up. There's somone coming."
Will closed his mouth and pulled himself deeper in the shadows.
"I'm telling you, I heard something over here."
Ash and Will held their breath as two people walked by. Ash recognized one of them as the woman she and Will had pranked.
The woman looked around. "Maybe you did. We are having a problem with rats."
A huge floodlight was switched on, revealing Will and Ash hiding in the non-existant shadows.
The woman smiled and walked closer. "See? Here's two big rats right here."
The other man laughed. Ash didn't recognize him.
The woman glared at Ash and turned back to her partner. "Devon, you go get Gustav, I'll escort these two back to their rooms."
Devon shifted his weight. "Verona, Gustav is missing."
"What do you mean he's missing?" Verona's voice was acidic.
Devon looked down. "No one's seen Gustav all day."
Verona was flustered. "Then…then we'll take them back to their rooms until Gustav comes back."
Ash silently breathed a sigh of relief.
Devon cautiously walked to Ash. "Come on."
Ash almost smiled. -He's scared of me.-
She glared at Devon and followed him with a stiff back.
Devon held the door open for Ash, not making eye contact. "This way, Miss."
Ash gave Devon a cold look and walked in the faculty, head held high. Devon followed silently behind her. He coughed.
Ash turned around. "What?"
"Gustav disappeared after he was with you yesterday. Did you kill him?"
Ash kept her face an unreadable mask. "Sadly, no. But if he is dead, then I envy the person that did. They took my pleasure of seeing the final look of terror on Gustav's face."
Devon's face paled. "Remind me to stay on your good side," he said to himself.
Ash turned around and kept walking to her room. Devon was scared of her, Ash could tell that. The air around him was thick with fear. Ash smiled to herself. If one worker at the facility was scared of her, and possible people like her, were there others? And if so, could Ash find them and influence them to smuggle her out of here? And convince them to smuggle Will? Ash stopped in front of her doorway.
She faced Devon. "Thank you for the escort. You are no longer needed."
Devon nodded. "I can't leave until I see you're in your room."
Ash raised an eyebrow but opened the heavy door and walked in. When she closed the door, she heard a click, the sound of a door locking. She tried turning the handle. It was stuck. Ash was locked in. She sank down to the floor. Ash felt like crying. She hadn't escaped. It was her fault. If she hadn't started fighting with Will, would they have escaped?
Ash shook her head. She didn't know. Ash ran a fingertip under her eyes, catching tears about to fall. Ash looked at her fingertip, wishing that for once the tears would stay liquid. The tears didn't listen to her wish. They turned to steam and floated in the air.
Ash shook her head again, trying to clear it. "Come on, this is no time for steaming tears. You need to keep a level head and try to figure out surveillance patterns. There's no doubt they'll be watching from now on."
Ash looked at her door, tryig to find an imperfection she could watch the hallway through. There was none. Ash held up her index finger and placed her fingertip against the door. Heat resonated from her fingertip to the door, burning a hole through the thick wood. Soon, Ash had a small peephole to watch the doorway through. She could see Devon's dark hair through the hole. Ash turned and walked back towards her window. It was barred with thick, steel bars. Ash fought to control the fire within. If Gustav wasn't dead, Ash was sure he had something to do with this. Ash began pacing her room. Security had really tightened up around here. Since Gustav was in charge of security and discipline, Ash guessed something had happened to him. She hoped Gustav was either comatose or dead. Ash heard footsteps outside her room. She walked back to the door and looked through her peephole. Blaze standing in the hallway, talking to Devon.
"Dr. Blaze, I can't let you in. Verona said…"
"I don't care what Verona said. She's not in charge of this facility. Not while I'm around. I demand to be let in there."
Devon looked at the angry scientist. "Well…I guess…"
Blaze patted Devon on the shoulder. "You're guessing right, Devon."
Devon stepped aside and Ash quickly grabbed the blanket off her bed and laid on the floor wrapped in it.
Blaze smiled. "You know you have a bed."
Ash stayed where she was. "I know. Bur after Gustav, I can't look at a bed the same way again."
Blaze nodded. "Mind if I sit?"
Ash shrugged. "I don't care."
Blaze sat next to her on the floor.  "Vanessa…"
Ash sat up. A flood of memories hit her. Standing under a big tree with Blaze, her dad. Talking with her mom, watching her baby brother sleep, shadows playing across his serene face. She remembered that night, pain as flames shot out of her skin for the first time, her room catching on fire and finding out that she set the whole house on fire. She remembered laying out in the grass as the fire died down, knowing she would never see her mom or baby brother again. Blaze's face blocked out the smoke as he told her that soon she would forget eveything and it would a be okay. Ash looked at Blaze.
"Dad?" Ash fell into Blaze's arms. Blaze stroked her head.
"Vanessa, I'm so sorry. I gave you that serum so you wouldn't live with the knowledge you started the fire. I didn't think it was strong enough to make you forget everything. I thought it made you forget how to breathe, how to function. I thought I killed you."
Ash leaned against her father's frail chest. Blaze pulled her close and started quickly whispering in her ear.
"Vanessa, you have to get out of here. The next test will kill you. You can leave when the guards change. There will be a five minute break where you can slip out. When you're out, take off running and don't look back. The nearest town is a mile away. Take this," he shoved a wad of bills in her hand. "Take this and get on a train, plane, boat, car, anything that will take you far away from here."
Ash looked from the money to her father's face. "I'm not leaving without Will."
Blaze looked at her like she was crazy. "What?"
Ash looked down at the carpet. "I said I'm not leaving without Will. If he stays and dies, so do I."
Flames started licking at Blaze's skin. "Vanessa, don't die a martyer. Save what you can and get out of this horrible place. Save yourself! Don't worry about Will!"
Flames started leaping from Ash's skin."Then I'll stay here unless I take Will with me." Ash stuck her chin out in defiance.
Blaze shook his head and flashed the beginnings of a smile. "So much like the little girl I used to have."
Devon knocked on the door. "Dr. Blaze, here comes Verona. She doesn't look too happy."
"Vanessa, hide the money. Get ready to leave. After dark, around midnight, that's when. Good luck!" Blaze sighed and kissed Ash's forehead.
"Dr. Blaze…"
"Vanessa, I promise that this time you will be safe."
Ash looked at her father with tears welling in her eyes. He was so willing to give his life to save the daughter he thought he killed. "Dad, I don't want to lose you again. I just got you back. Can't you come too?"
Blaze smiled sadly. "Vanessa, with me there, I would be a beacon lighting the way for them to find you." Blaze pulled up his sleeve to reveal a tracker, blinking in the dim light.
Devon blocked Verona's way. "I can't let you in there yet, Verona."
"Why not?"
As Verona and Devon argued, Ash looked back at Blaze. "Dad, I promise, after Will and I are safe, we'll come back and find a way to set you free."
Blaze gently rubbed Ash's cheek bone with his thumb. "Don't make promises you can't keep, Vanessa."
Tears gathered in Ash's eyes. "But I can keep that promise, dad. I can and I will."
Blaze smiled sadly and hugged his daughter again. "Vanessa, is there anything I can do for you? I know nothing can pay for what's happened to you while you've been here."
Ash looked into her father's gold-orange eyes. "Bring Will in here. He and I have some things we need to talk about."
Blaze nodded. "He'll be in here soon."
Verona banged the door. "Dr. Blaze, I know you're in there. Open the door now!"
Blaze looked at his daughter again, well aware he was about to lose her just after finding her again. "Good bye, Vanessa. I'll miss you even more now that I know you're alive. Just stay alive, please?"
Ash nodded. "I promise."
Blaze hugged her again. "Hide the money. I'll get Will. Wait until midnight. I'm going to miss you, baby girl. Good luck, Ash."
Ash smiled sadly. "Bye, dad."
Blaze kissed her cheek and got up. He walked to the door and opened it.
Verona was furious. "What were you doing that was so important?"
Blaze returned Verona's glare with an icy stare. "Ash and I were talking. Is there a problem, Verona?"
Flustered, Verona shook her head. "No, Dr. Blaze."
Blaze nodded. "That's what I thought. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some things I need to attend to."
Verona nodded. "Dr. Blaze, I was wondering if you knew where Gustav is."
Blaze smiled. "I haven't the foggiest idea, Verona."

The End

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