Type M Blood: Part Ten

Ash was sitting in her room on the floor. She looked down at her shirt. Had she really been laying on the floor with Will on top of her? Had they really been making out? Had something almost happened? Ash looked up at the door, wishing Will would hurry up. She really wanted to kiss him again and again, to run her fingers through his hair, to feel the strong muscles that hid underneath his shirt. Ash closed her eyes and tried to imagine what it would have been like if Vale hadn't walked it. Will's shirt would've come off, Ash would've had the pleasure of running her fingers across the strong muscles. Ash shivered. She hoped that day would come soon. Ash ran her fingers across her lips. They were still tingling from the touch of Will's lips. She could still taste him. Will tasted like the air before a thunderstorm, crackling with energy. Ash looked up at the black iron clock hanging on the wall. Will had been gone for almost an hour. Ash wondered if this was like the other times and he was trying to forget about her.
She shook her head. "No. Will wouldn't do that again."
Thoughts of what happened last time they'd kissed ran through Ash's mind. Hoping that wasn't what was going to happen, Ash decided she would wait on Will. But the suspicious voice in the back of her head wouldn't leave her alone. Ash finally got up and looked in the mirror. She pulled her crimson top back down. Ash could still feel Will's hands pressed against her skin. She blushed, bit her lip, and looked down. The voice in the back of her head still persisting, Ash walked out of her room in search of Will. Ash looked down the hallway. Will wasn't on her hallway. She would have to keep looking. Ash slowly took one painful step after another down the hallway towards the main part of the facility. When Ash was near the training room where she'd met Zephyr, she stopped. Zephyr was laying on the floor.
Ash cautiously walked closer. "Zephyr?"
There was a strong smell in the air. Strong, copper, familiar. What was it?
Ash shook her head, trying to clear it. "Zephyr? Are you okay?"
Ash took another step closer. She noticed a dark stain on the stone that spread around Zephyr. Ash wondered what the stain was. Her mind was still moving slowly after Will.
Ash kneeled down and put her right hand on Zephyr's head. "Zephyr?"
Ash's hand felt wet. She quickly drew her hand away. Ash looked at her palm in the light. It was covered in a sticky red liquid. Paint? No. There was no paint anywhere around. Part of Ash's mind had still been running quickly. Blood. Blood was on her hand. Blood was in Zephyr's hair. Blood was on the floor, turning the grey stone to black. Blood was in the air. Blood was on Zephyr. Zephyr's blood. It was Zephyr's blood. It was Zephyr's blood that covered everything. Zephyr was dead. Ash recoiled and scrambled back away from Zephyr's bloody corpse. Ash wanted to scream. She tried, but no sound came out except a low moan. Ash's eyes were large and round with fear. Her breathing became faster and she started hypervenilating. Ash closed her eyes and tried to control her breathing. After a few minutes, Ash's breathing had started to slowly return to normal. Ash slowly opened her eyes and looked at Zephyr's corpse.
Ash shuddered. "You were bloodthirsty, but you didn't deserve to die like this."
Ash slowly crept closer to Zephyr's body.
She gently brushed Zephyr's blonde-white hair away from her face. "You deserve better than this," she whispered to the still corpse.
Ash stood up and struggled to control her roiling stomach. Ash held out her hand. The hand with Zephyr's blood on it. Fire flew from her hand, carressing Zephyr's bloody corpse. Small gusts of wind from Zephyr's blood blew around the flames, fanning them higher.
Ash turned away from the burning corpse. "Good bye, Zephyr."
Ash had only taken two steps away from Zephyr when she ran into Will.
He reached out his arms to steady her. "Ash, you okay? You look a little sick."
Ash swallowed, still working on controlling her stomach. "I'm fine. But Zephyr isn't."
Will hesitated for a second. "She…isn't?"
Ash shook her head. "She's dead. Zephyr's dead. I touched her and got covered in her blood."
Will pulled Ash close and tucked her head under his chin. "Ash, it's okay. It's okay."
Ash closed her eyes and imagined for one second that she was safe. "Will, it's not okay. We can't keep living a lie here. Will, we're going to die here. We're going to die like Zephyr. Someone in the facility is going to kill us." Ash pressed closer to Will. "Gustav is going to kill us. Just like he killed Zephyr."
Will couldn't find the words to tell Ash that he'd killed Zephyr. So instead, he just held her close, praying that they could escape tonight. That she'd never know the truth.

After the sun had dipped behind the earth and all traces of its light were gone, Will and Ash decided to make their escape. They each had a pack with food, water, and blankets. Shadows were everywhere outside, thanks to the new moon. The stars provided feeble light for the runaways to see. Ash had excellent night vision and could see perfectly fine. She held Will's hand and pulled him along behind her. Ash could see everything around her and didn't miss a step. Will, on the other hand, couldn't see anything and kept tripping over his own feet. Ash had to keep pulling him back to his feet. The progress was very slow and it bugged Ash. She wanted to get out of the facility quickly.
Ash stopped walking and looked at the sky. "Will, what if we don't make it?"
Will squeezed her hand reassuringly. "We will, Ash. I promise."
Ash smiled grimly. "I hope you're right, Will. I don't want to end up like Zephyr."
Will shifted his weight uneasily.
"Will? Is something bothering you?"
Will shook his head. "No. We should keep moving."
Ash looked at Will. "No, something's wrong. What is it?"
Will looked away. "Ash, Gustav didn't kill Zephyr."
Ash was confused. "What do you mean?"
"Ash, I killed Zephyr."

The End

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