Type M Blood: Part Nine

Blaze paced around his office, occasionally running his fingers through his already wild hair. He hadn't slept since he'd discovered Ash was Vanessa, the daughter he thought he killed twelve years ago. Blaze fought the urge to walk to his vault and get another bottle of whiskey. He needed to think clearly for this. Ash was Vanessa. That he knew for sure. She was so different from how he imagined his daughter would be, yet so similar and perfect because she was his daughter, and alive. Vanessa was alive! That was twelve years of guilt, of calling himself a murderer lifted from his shoulders. Blaze started pacing faster. He had to find a way to save Ash. He couldn't lose his daughter after finding her again. Blaze knew he couldn't handle losing her again. Suddenly Blaze stopped short. He knew the 'test' Gustav put all the girls through. He had to find Ash before Gustav did that to her. Just the thought of Gustav even lusting after his daughter made Blaze feel angry enough to kill the giant with his bare hands. There was a knock on the door.
"Come in."
Gustav walked in, his face disfigured by the fire Ash had thrown at him.
Blaze almost laughed. "Gustav, what happened to your face?"
Gustav grunted. "De new vlame trower did it to me."
Blaze's blood ran cold and his voice turned to acid. "Why did she attack you?"
Gustav smiled, thinking Blaze was mad at Ash. "Becuz she did not vant my tezt. She vought."
Blaze could feel the fire building up inside him for the first time in many years. "And did she win the fight? Or did you get your 'test'"
Gustav grinned, his teeth blackened by the fire. "She lozt. She was unconscious, but I zay she shtill pazzed the tezt."
Blaze grabbed the edge of his desk, trying to control himself. "So you raped her while she was unconscious?"
Gustav nodded. Then he understood that was the wrong answer as a fire of hate crept into Blaze's eyes.
"Gustav, do you have any idea what you have done?"
Gustav understood the icy hate in Blaze's voice as something he had never wanted to suffer again. Gustav remembered the first time he had ever invoked Blaze's wrath. Gustav had only been a young man, his first day at the MBF. Blaze had caught Gustav torturing a young boy with the power over wind. Blaze had been furious. That was the first time Gustav found out Blaze was like the people he exterminated.
Gustav took a step back. "Blaze, are jou shure jou vant to do diz?"
Blaze's voice was that of an angry father who had just found out he had his daughter's rapist at his mercy. "I am completely sure, Gustav. And remember something Ash told you, always fear the fire." Blaze threw his hands down and fire leapt from his skin. Gustav's black eyes filled with fear, an emotion the giant never felt. Fire rained down on Gustav, surrounding him. Gustav fell to his knees. The last thing Blaze heard from Gustav was the giant calling for his mommy. Blaze watched the fire. The sound of crackling flesh and bone was beginning to make Blaze feel sick. Blaze waved his hand over the fire. The flames died down, save a few that were eliminating what was left of Gustav. Blaze took one last look at the scorched skeleton and walked to the floor to ceiling windows. Blaze broke the glass and jumped through. He had to find Ash.

Will was running around the facility, gathering supplies that he and Ash would need. Will was still running on the high that he'd gotten when he and Ash were together. Will could still feel Ash's lips against his, her tongue in his mouth. Will could still taste her. Ash tasted like a bright crackling fire on a summer night before a thunderstorm. Will closed his eyes for a second, savoring her taste. He reopened his eyes to see Zephyr standing in front of him. Her grey-almost-white eyes freaked him out.
Zephyr took a step forward, moving like a deadly snake before it strikes. "Hello, Will."
Will dipped his head in greeting. "Zephyr."
Zephyr walked towards the wall and ran her fingers over the  smooth stone corner. "How have you been?"
Will wanted to walk away, to get back to Ash. "I've been fine."
Zephyr smiled. "You're not going to ask me how I've been? Do you not care anymore after all we've been through?"
Will glared at Zephyr. "We've been through nothing, Zephyr. The only thing we've been through is you attacking me when I was trying to help you."
Zephyr moved closer, swinging her hips as she walked. "Will, you must understand. I was mad with grief. I had just lost Gale. Surely you must understand how I felt. I didn't want help then, I wanted revenge. But now I want help. Your help, Will."
Will laughed harshly. "Zephyr, you want my help carrying out your bloodthirsty revenge. That's not going to happen. There's already enough blood spilled here. Don't add any more."
Zephyr's hair began gently blowing in a wind that surrounded her. "Will, are you saying you're not going to help me give back what they've been giving to us? Will, you've been here almost as long as I have. You know what it's like. They only want blood. And I'm here to give it to them. They want blood and blood is what they will get!" Zephyr's voice was high. Wind picked up and swirled around her. Will was pushed back against the wall behind him as Zephyr's wind grew stronger. Zephyr looked back at Will.
She smiled cruelly and pulled a glittering dagger from a hidden spot on her body. "Will, if you won't help me? Then I'll help you. I'll spare you from their torture. Say good bye, Will."
Zephyr's wind picked her up and brought her closer to Will. The strong winds forced Will down to his knees. When he looked back up, Zephyr was floating above him, a mad and evil light in her eyes.
She lifted the dagger above her head as her top lip curled up in a sneer. "Good bye, Will."
Zephyr plunged the dagger through the air. Will threw his hand up and a wall of water formed between him and the dagger. Zephyr's evil smile fell.
Her smooth face was replaced by a mask of hatred. "Will, why do you do this? I am here to help you. To deliver you from the evils of this place. Will, let me help you!"
Will twisted his hand the the dagger was snatched from Zephyr's hands. The water dropped the dagger into Will's waiting palm.
"Zephyr, let me help you, like the way you never would."
Zephyr's wind faltered and she fell closer to Will. "Give me my dagger!"
Will stood up. "Zephyr, I can't do that."
Zephyr screamed in anger. Will knew he only had one shot. Will aimed the dagger at the one place he knew Zephyr was vulnerable, her heart. Will drew his arm back and threw the dagger. Will closed his eyes, knowing his aim was true and not wanting to see what would happen. He heard Zephyr scream again, an unearthly screech. Zephyr fell and hit the ground with a thud. The wind immedietly disappeared, the final reminder of Zephyr. Will opened his eyes and looked down. Zephyr's ivory-blonde hair was turning crimson with her blood. Will looked away and walked down the hallway, away from what had been Zephyr.

The End

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