Type M Blood: Part Eight

Vale had helped Ash back to her room. Ash sat on the floor. She looked up at her bed. Would she ever be able to sleep in one again without thinking of the awful bed with the straps? Ash shuddered and looked towards her window. She thought of her strange encounter with Blaze the night before. Had it only been one day? She shook her head. It felt like more. Ash looked around her room. It felt more like a prison now that she knew what was really going to happen to her. Ash could see more and more why Zephyr was insane. Ash slowly got to her feet and winced. She hurt. Ash pulled out a chair and sat down in that. The hard wood emphasized her pain, so Ash moved back to the floor. She leaned back and closed her eyes. Will was driving her crazy. He had kissed her twice and had sent Vale to watch out for her. Vale was only thirteen. Why did Will want her to watch out for Ash?
Ash shrugged. "Maybe he wants someone always watching me," she whispered. Ash shook her head. "I'm done trying to figure you out, Will. You're too complicated."
"But you're doing a lot better than you think you are."
Ash looked up. Will walked out of the shadows and walked across the room.
"Will? What are you doing in my room?"
Will sat down next to Ash. "I came to apologize."
Ash looked away. "Apologize for what? For being my friend? For kissing me? For your thirteen year old body guard failing? For leading me on?"
Will's voice was soft. "That's not fair, Ash."
Ash looked back at Will, fire blazing in her eyes. "Yes, it is. I'm letting you off easy. After everything you've put me through, I should be burning your sorry…"
"Ash, calm down. I know I deserve that. I deserve worse. I deserve…"
"Will, you deserve nothing. You were the one person I thought I could trust here. Looks like I was wrong. I guess this is just another testament to my awful judgement."
Will looked away, her words cutting him like a knife. "Ash, I…"
"You what? You're sorry? That's all you ever do, apologize. Apologize or make excuses. Well, I'm fed up with it! I'm fed up with it and with you!" Tears started forming in her eyes. "Will, just go. There's the door. Turn the handle, open the door, and walk out."
Will looked at the floor. "Ash, don't make me do that. We both know that you don't want me to go. And I don't want to leave. You would have to drag me out of here to make me leave."
Ash looked at the ceiling, trying to blink away the tears. "Will, why do you keep doing this to me?"
Will looked at Ash and gently grabbed her chin between his thumb and forefinger. "Ash, I care about you. A lot. Don't ever forget that. It's just…no relationship between Fire and Water ever lasts. I thought by distancing myself from you, it would disappear. But it didn't. It keeps getting stronger. Ash, you're always there. I can never escape from you. Ash, if you just knew the effect you had on me."
Ash lowered her eyes, but didn't jerk away from his cool touch. "Will, what effect do I have on you? What do I do to you that makes you do this to me?"
Will leaned forwards and kissed her softly. His soft lips just barely pressed against hers, teasing her. Will pulled back and looked into Ash's eyes.
She looked up. "I tease you?"
Will smiled halfway. "Ash, you drive me crazy. With everything you do. It's in the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you look at me, it's every little thing you do. Ash, you drive me insane."
Ash moved her chin out of his hand. "Then do something about it."
Will knew what she was trying to say. "What do you want me to do?"
Ash looked back at him. "Anything, Will. Just don't leave me like this."
Will leaned forwards and kissed her hard. Ash put one hand on his shoulder and pulled him closer. Will got on his knees and pushed Ash back as he deepened the kiss. Ash had one hand behind her on the floor, helping her stay up. Will pushed against her harder and she fell to the ground. Will was on top of Ash, one leg on either side of her. Will's left arm was on the ground, propping him up. His other hand was slowly moving down her torso, searching for the bottom of her shirt. Will's cool fingers found the hem of Ash's shirt and slowly brought it up.
Ash pulled back from his kiss and looked up at him. "What are you doing?"
Will smiled and gently kissed the bridge of her nose. "I'm doing something about you driving me crazy. It's my turn."
Ash inhaled sharply as Will's hand slowly moved up her torso. Will kissed her again. Ash moved her hand from his shoulder to his cheek. She cupped his face as he deepened the kiss. Ash's other hand found the hem of Will's shirt and was about to push it up when the door opened.
"Ash, you forgot…what is going on in here?"
Will's hand flew out from under her shirt as he looked up. Ash flipped her head around to see Vale standing in the doorway holding Ash's black velvet choker.
Will got to his feet and ran his hand through his hair. "Nothing."
Vale stood still, still holding out the choker. "It sure looked like something."
Ash sat up and fixed her shirt. "It wasn't anything except Will showing me what could never happen."
Vale nodded. "Uh huh. Well it sure looked like I interrupted something."
Will shook his head. "Nothing. There was nothing going on except me showing Ash how she drives me crazy."
Vale shook her head with disbelief. "So she almost goes all the way with you and so you do the same thing to her?"
"Vale. Leave. Now."
Vale put her hands up. "I'm just here to drop off Ash's necklace. Calm down, Will."
Ash walked forward and grabbed it. "Thanks, Vale."
Vale nodded.
"Bye, Vale."
Vale smiled. "Bye, Will." Vale turned and walked away.
Ash closed the door and looked at Will. A huge grin broke out on both their faces and they started laughing uncontrollably.
Will walked forwards. "Ash, I should probably go."
Ash nodded. "Bye, Will."
Will wrapped his arms around her and kissed her one more time, gently on the lips. Will reached behind her and opened the door. He had taken one step out the door.
Will turned around, his eyes blazing with an idea. "Ash, we're going to escape tonight."
Ash blinked, not sure she heard him right. "What?"
"We're leaving. Tonight. I promise."
Ash smiled. "Will, that would be amazing."
Will smiled back. "I'll be back later with some supplies."

The End

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