Type M Blood: Part Five

Ash didn't stop running until she reached her room. Panting, Ash leaned her back against the wall. She slid down the peeling paint until she was sitting on the floor. Ash leaned her head against the wall. She was going to die here. For the millionth time, she wished she could cry. But anytime water touched her skin, it turned to steam. That didn't stop the tears from falling, though. A cloud of steam soaked Ash as she sat in the hallway, crying. The familiar sound of leather-coated footsteps stopped in front of her.
Ash kept her eyes closed. "What?"
"Ash? You okay?" It was Will!
Ash opened her eyes. "Well, I just found out that I'm going to die here."
Ash heard Will slide down the wall next to her and sit down. "So you met Zephyr?"
Ash nodded.
"Ash, Zephyr's been here longer than I have. She's gone insane. After watching her brother die and being totured here, her mind has cracked. She's actually attacked someone before. I want you to stay away from her."
Ash turned her head and looked at him. "Oh, so you care again?"
"Ash, I'm doing this to protect you."
"How do I know you're really doing this to protect me? If Zephyr's gone insane, how can I know if anyone else has? You've got a hidden motive, how do I know that I'm not part of it?"
Will stood up. "Ash, believe me or not, I want to see you stay safe. And besides, I know for a fact about Zephyr. I'm the one she attacked." Wordlessly, Will took off his shirt. A huge, ugly scar started by his shoulder and wound its way down to his waist, dipping below the top of his jeans.
Ash stood up. "Zephyr…" She reached out with tentative fingers and gently traced it. It had been a deep cut and had scarred uneven.
Will nodded. "Ash, stay away from her." Will turned and walked away.
Ash was left standing in the hallway. "Will, what's going on? Yesterday, you wouldn't have anything to do with me and now you're trying to protect me? What is your deal?"
Will's eyes flashed from blue to turquoise. "Look, I want to escape, and I would've escaped by myself, but then you showed up. I don't want your death on my conscience."
Ash's voice dropped half an octave and would've made diamonds melt with its acidity. "You're doing this because you don't want my death on your…conscience?" Her eyes turned gold-orange and she slowly walked to Will, one hand on her hip.
"Yes. That's it. I don't want to feel guilty for leaving you behind."
Ash was only three inches in front of him. "Will, don't worry about my death on your conscience, because I would hate to be the one blot there."
"Fine. Maybe I won't. You won't be the blot on my conscience becuase I don't care anything about you anyways. You're nothing but a stupid flame-thrower, a hot tempered mess. And you're just another project for Gustav and Blaze. So have fun dying here." Will turned and walked away.
Ash grabbed Will's shoulder. A flaming vine started crawling up her wrist. "Well at least I'm a human flame-thrower instead of a bipolar poolboy. I'd rather throw flames than soak my whole life. If anyone here's meaningless, it's you, poolboy."
Will stopped walking and stood still as stone. His voice was icy as the tundra. "I'm a meaningless bipolar what?" He slowly turned towards Ash. Small dots of water were appearing in the air around Will.
"You heard me. If I'm a hot-tempered mess of a flame-thrower, than you're nothing more than a meaningless bipolar poolboy. That's all you are."
Will threw his arms out and a wall of water came bearing down on Ash. She lifted her hand up and the flaming vine shot forwards and formed a protective shield in fron of her. The fire and water dissipated into a wall of steam. Ash felt a hand on her arm. She jerked her arm over her head and threw Will behind her.
Ash pivoted and stood towering over him. "All done, poolboy?"
Will lashed out and caught Ash in the shin. She fell to her knees and was momentarily distracted, but a moment was all Will needed. He leapt to his feet and brought his hands down hard, bringing a wall of water with them. Ash was soaked in seconds. Half-drowned after the water drained down the hallway, she slowly got to her feet, her body steaming in the flickering electric light.
"Will, what is wrong with you? Are you trying to kill me?"
Will stayed where he was, farther down the hallway. "If I had been trying, you wouldn't be here. So be careful, Ash. Gustav, Blaze, and Zephyr aren't the only ones you need to worry about." Will turned and walked away.
Ash stood there for a second, watching Will's back. After he was a few feet away, she ran after him. Ash reached out and grabbed his arm. Steam hissed where their skin touched.
"Will, what is your problem? What did I do to make you treat me like this?"
Will jerked his out of her grasp and whirled around to face her, his blue eyes flashing. "It's nothing you did, it's what we are!" Water hung in the air around him.
Confused, flames leapt from Ash's skin. Water and fire met and a wall of steam started to form. "Will, what are we? And why is that giving you an excuse to treat me like this?"
Will threw his hands down in frustration. "Water's fallen in love with Fire." The steam that whirled around them became thicker and opaque, turning white. Will stepped closer to Ash. More water and fire met, and soon Will and Ash were surrounded by a hot, wet, steaming wall of white. Slowly, Will took another step closer to Ash and gently pressed his hand against the back of her head, his fingers softly intertwining with her damp curls.
"I can't believe I'm doing this," he whispered. Will leaned forwards and pressed his lips against Ash's. He wrapped his free arm around Ash's waist and pulled her closer. Ash's right hand pressed against the back of his head as he deepened the kiss. Ash's left hand rested on his shoulder, bringing him closer until there was no space between them and the steam swirled thicker as fire and water met. Ash dimly felt him lift up her hands and brush his lips across her neck. When she reopened her eyes, Will was gone and she was standing alone in the dancing white steam.

The End

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