Type M Blood: Part Four

Ash stayed three steps behind Gustav. Blaze was three steps behind Ash. Ash was aware of Blaze's eyes on her the whole long walk down hallway after hallway, through door after steel grey door. Gustav finally stopped at a door with a red sign on the door.  The sign loudly proclaimed not to enter in five different languages. Gustav opened the door and stood aside.
"Ladies virst." Gustav grinned mockingly. With a smug smile, Ash brushed passed him into the room. The walls were scorched black and a fine layer of ash coated everything. Gustav and Blaze walked behind a thick, scorched wall. Gustav's voice came through a microphone. "Diz iz a time test. Jou vill be tested on how long jou can keep jour vire going."
Ash created a fireball and tossed it from hand to hand. "And what if my times don't meet your standards."
Gustav chuckled. "Den jou vill be punished."
Ash threw the fireball at the window in the wall where Gustav and Blaze were standing. "Whatever. Let's just get started."
"Shtart." Ash closed her eyes and tapped into the fire inside. She felt a wave ripple across her skin. Ash didn't need open her eyes to know she was surrounded by a ring of fire. After a couple minutes, Ash was exhausted and couldn't hold up the flame any longer. With a gasp, she fell to her knees, panting. Gustav's voice came through the smokey haze. "Not good enough. Try again."
Ash stayed on the ground and wiped a grace of blood from her hand. "I used enough blood already. I can't."
Gustav opened the door and walked out from behind the door carrying a heavy clipboard. "Jou vill shtand and jou vill do it again." The clipboard came swinging down and hit Ash at the base of her skull. She saw stars and fell forwards. Ash gasped as her vision faded in and out. After a minute, her vision stabilized, but the throbbing remained. Ash winced and inhaled deeply as she looked up towards Gustav. Ash lashed out with her legs, hitting Gustav in the shin. The German giant didn't flinch, but grinned and slapped Ash across the face. Gustav hit Ash so hard that a cut had opened up on her cheek. Red-black blood flowed sluggishly out of the cut. Ash's eyes turned sunset gold-orange and the blood on her cheek turned to fire. Gustav smiled. "See? Jou just need reason to cooporate vif uz, dat'z all."
Ash slowly got to her feet, eyes blazing. "Just remember something, Gustav. Always fear the fire." Ash wiped the blood off her cheek and threw it at Gustav. The flaming blood landed on Gustav and caught his clothes and clipboard on fire. Ash angrily turned and strode to the door. The handle was melted. Ash flicked a drop of blood on it. The handle caught fire and white liquid metal lazily slid to the floor. Ash threw open the door and walked out. She wondered aimlessly around, not sure what to do with herself. Ash thought about looking for Will, but didn't think he'd be easy to find. With a sigh, she turned and slowly walked back to her room. When Ash was walking through the pool room, a noise outside one of the doors caught her attention. Curious, she opened the door and walked through. There were large punching bags hanging from the ceiling. Weights and weapons filled the rest of the room. With a feeling of reverence, Ash slowly walked towards a rack of swords. Ash lightly ran her fingers over a slim rapier blade. She picked up the rapier and swung it around. The blade was evenly weighted and it felt like an extention of her arm. Her wrists and arms seemed to remember things that she couldn't. Was the rapier skill taught before The Fire? Ash couldn't remember. Yet standing with a rapier in hand, she felt a connection to her past. A voice startled her from her thoughts.
"Who are you?"
Ash whirled around to see a tall girl with long silver-blonde hair and grey-blue eyes. "I'm Ash. Who are you?"
"Zephyr." Zephyr had on a heavy-looking pair of boxing gloves, yet handled them as if they were part of her body.
"So what are you doing here?" Ash gently set the rapier back in its velvet bed.
Zephyr turned back to a punching bag. "I'm practicing."
"Practicing for what?"
Zephyr hit the bag so hard it flew off the chain. "For when I can give Gustav the same 'treatment' that he gives me." Zephyr hardly glanced at the bag and moved on to another one.
Ash cautiously walked around the bag on the ground. Zephyr looked like she could be dangerous and Ash didn't want to find out how dangerous she could be. "So they don't care what we do in here?"
Zephyr laughed harshly. "The only thing they care about is abusing us, taking our blood, more and more each time, until we're dead." Zephyr turned towards Ash. "They want to kill us, Ash. They want to wipe us all out, everyone with type M blood."
Ash took a step back. "How do you know?"
Zephyr punched the bag a few times before answering. "Because they did that to my brother. He was like me, we could both control air. Our mom called us the 'cyclone twins.' And then, we end up here. After about a week of no food, Gustav comes and takes Gale. I run after them. Gale ends up strapped to a table, unable to do anything. And what does Gustav do? He takes a huge needle and draws blood with that, and then says 'jou have serfed jour purpose here. Time to go.' And he picks up a scalpel and cuts Gale on the inside of either wrist and elbow and watches as he bleeds to death. I was outside the window the whole time. After Gustav was sure Gale was dead, Gustav leaves. I run in there and promise Gale that I won't leave here until Gustav is dead. And Blaze. He's just the whole little mastermind behind this slaughterhouse." Zephyr knocked another bag to the floor and screamed her brother's name. Shocked by the anger and bloodlust Zephyr had, Ash turned and ran out of the training room.

The End

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