Type M Blood: Part Thirty

            “But I only wanted to play with Mary for a little bit,” Tundra whined.

            “But Mary’s sick and she can’t play!” Taiga protested.

            Will held the doll in question and looked between his younger siblings.

            “Will,” Ash started, slightly out of breath.

            “Ash, what do you think we should do about this? After all, Mary needs her rest if she’s going to get better.”

            “Will, Tundra’s like us,” Ash said quickly.

            “What? That’s not possible,” Will said as he looked down at Tundra.

            “It is. When he was playing with Mary, he was moving the earth the way you move water.”

            Tundra looked down. “Mary wanted to play in the mud,” he mumbled as he kicked a rock.

            “You let her play in the mud? Mary’s a girl and she doesn’t like playing in mud!” Taiga protested as she jumped up and tried to take her doll from Will’s hand.

            “Ash, are you sure?” Will asked quietly, still watching his little brother.

            Ash nodded, knowing what Will was thinking. “He is. And we have to protect him from ending up where we were.”

            “Is Tundra?”

            Ash shrugged. “You know the answer to that as well as I do.”

            “Mary’s flying!” Taiga excitedly screamed and pointed at her doll, which was hovering above them. Taiga moved her arm and Mary followed before landing in her arms. “Mary’s a magic doll,” she said happily.

            Ash’s face paled. “We’ve got to tell your mom. She needs to know about this.”

            “Ash, I think I know what’s wrong with your mind,” Renee called down from the deck. “Your father only used organic materials that could leave your body after it instructed it what to get rid of.”

            “Can you fix it?” Ash called back as she shaded her eyes with her hand.

            Renee shook her head. “I can’t, only your dad can. I’m sorry, Ash, but I can do other things to try and help you remember.”

            “Mom, we all need to talk privately inside for a minute,” Will said as he grabbed Taiga’s and Tundra’s hand.

The End

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