Type M Blood: Part Twenty Nine

            “So I’ll have to run some blood tests to try and see if your father’s serum is still in your blood,” Renee said as she washed her hands in a large stainless steel sink.

            Ash sat on the stool and watched her, trying not to think of what the bright lights and white walls reminded her of. “And that’s a possibility, right?”

            Renee nodded and opened a drawer full of needles and syringes. “Since your memory hasn’t come back yet, then whatever he put in your bloodstream is most likely still there.”

            “And when you find out what it is, you’ll be able to fix it, right?”

            Renee shrugged and picked up a thin needle. “Maybe. Your body’s been pumping those chemicals through your blood for years, so it might not be possible. But if that’s the case, then there are other ways to help your amnesia.”

            “Like what?” Will asked.

            “Other things to try and jog her memory,” Renee replied as she turned around and cleaned a section of Ash’s arm. “Don’t look.”

            Ash turned away and rested her forehead on Will’s chest. She felt the sharp prick as the needle entered her skin. A long moment later, she heard the clink of glass against metal as Renee set the vial of blood in the holder.

            “I’ll run a few tests on this to see if I can figure anything out. Why don’t you two go watch Taiga and Tundra?” Renee asked in a voice that said it was a command, not a request.

            Will helped Ash down from the stool and walked outside. “I told you she’d help.”

            Ash smiled. “Just because she took a blood sample doesn’t mean that my problem’s fixed, Will. It just means we’re a step closer.”

            “Pessimist,” Will said jokingly.

            Ash lightly pushed him. “Spend a year in my past and you’ll understand why.”

            Will pushed back. “That part’s over now, Ash. If nothing else, I promise you that.”

            Ash laughed. “You seem to promise lots of things, Will.”

            “And I intend to make sure I fulfill all of those promises.”

            Ash smiled. “Come on, the twins are waiting.”

            Taiga ran into Will. “Will, Tundra stole Mary and won’t give her back!”

            Will laughed. “He won’t? Take me to him and I’ll get her back.”

            “Good! ‘Cause Mary’s sick and Tundra’s making her cold worse,” she complained to her older brother as she took his hand and led him outside.

            Ash smiled and followed them outside, then her smile fell as she wondered what her brother would’ve been like if he’d lived. She shook her head and stood on the deck as Will and Taiga looked for Tundra. She tilted her head to the side and looked out toward the swing set. Tundra was standing by a pile of dirt that looked like it had been pushed up from the ground, not built by the hands of a child. As Ash watched, Taiga’s doll was pushed up through the pile of dirt and popped out on top of the pile. Tundra jerked his hand down and the pile dropped back down into the earth.

            “Tundra’s like us,” she whispered to herself. Ash ran off the deck and reached Tundra just as Will and Taiga did.

The End

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