Type M Blood: Part Twenty-Eight

Will and Ash were sitting together by the pool, watching Taiga and Tundra play in the water. Ash leaned her head on Will's shoulder and closed her eyes, smiling at the sound of the twins' laughter.
Will kissed her on the head. "So how are you feeling, Ash-Vanessa Merlot?"
Ash smiled. "That's the longest name I can ever remember having. And I feel like there's so much I'm misising that's right in front of me." She sighed. "If only…"
Will tightly wrapped his arms around her. "I know."
They sat like that for a few minutes, then Will's mom walked out to them.
"Ash, your mother and I were close friends, and I found a few things that might help you remember her and your past."
Ash gently pulled Will's arms away and grabbed the photos Renee pushed into her hands. The photos showed a young woman, maybe in her early twenties, with long, wavy red hair that cascaded down her back like a waterfall. In each picture, the woman's blue eyes sparkled with laughter, as if the whole world was a private joke just for her. Ash looked through the pictures, hungrily taking in every detail, hoping that it would help her remember. She was very aware of Will and Renee watching her carefully. Ash finally stopped on one picture, the last one. It showed her mother, smiling as if she had just won the gold medal in the olympics. She was holding a baby. Blaze was standing next to her, with one hand on her shoulder, and the other supporting the dark haired girl on his shoulders. Ash gently traced the little girl's face. She knew it was her, but Ash couldn't make the connection to that day.
Ash slowly looked up. "It didn't work."
Renee sighed. "Well, it was worth a shot. And you're not going to get your memory back instantly, it's been gone for years. If you want, I can run some tests and we can try and see what all is keeping you from remembering."
Will wrapped his arms around Ash again. "Don't worry, you'll remember. It's just going to take time."
Ash sighed. "I know." She looked at the woman in the photo again. "What was her name?"
"Your mom's name was Arissa Merlot, and she was the sweetest and most caring person I've ever known. She never hesitated to help out other people, and she'd even go out of her way to make someone's day better." Renee smiled.
Ash touched the picture of her mom, trying to reach through the plastic to her. "Am I more like my mom or my dad?"
Renee laughed. "Now that's a question! I'd say you're more like your father, serious and brooding. But I haven't known you too long, and you've had a hard life."
Ash nodded and moved her gaze to the baby in her mom's arms. "Was this my brother?"
Renee nodded. "That was Brett. He was only a few days old when this picture was taken, but he didn't have any elemental control. He wasn't like your parents."
"My mom was like me, too?"
Renee nodded again.
Ash looked up. "My mom controlled fire?"
"No. She controlled water. No one knew how she and your father lasted so long together, but they did. They were a perfect match. Your father was all passion, and your mom thought things through. She helped control his temper and encouraged his science expiraments." Renee sighed. "Arissa was  so happy when you were born. She said it was her greatest gift to Blaze. Ash, she would've loved watching you grow up."
Ash tilted her head. "Who do I look like more?"
"Mrs. Arissa," Will said. "You have her face, but Blaze's eyes."
"And your grandfather's dark hair," Renee added.
Ash looked past Renee. "Where was my house?"
Renee turned around and shaded her eyes. "It was maybe twenty, thirty yards that way." She pointed west.
"Can we go look at my house?"
"Ash, there's nothing left of your house. It was all burned to the ground," Will whispered in her ear.
Renee looked away and pretended not to watch. "Ash, until we see what's keeping you from remembering, I don't think that'd a good idea."
Ash sighed. "Then can we find ou what's wrong?"
Renee smiled and stood up. "Well come on, then. Let's go find out."
Ash and Will stood and followed his mom into the house. If they'd stayed out for a few more seconds watching the twins, they would have seen the wind that played in Taiga's hair, and the new, earthy tint that glowed in Tundra's skin.

The End

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