Type M Blood:Part Twenty-Six

Will led Ash back through the woods he had just been in to the tree with the steps nailed on the trunk. He motioned for Ash to go first. She shakily climbed up, with Will following right behind her. When she got to the tree house, a flicker of a memory ran through her mind, of sunshine and laughter. Ash looked around at the dust covered toys scattered around.
Will stepped in behind her and motioned to the chairs. "We used to pull these by the window and watch the stars. You said it was more fun than cloud-gazing."
Ash walked forward and trailed her fingers through the dusty layer on the table. "I've always liked the night better than the day."
Will smiled. "There was this one night…"
Ash closed her eyes as Will kept talking. She saw the younger versions of herself and Will, sitting by the window.
"Vanessa, do you know what a kiss is?"
Vanessa shook her head. "No. What is it, Will?"
Ash saw Will lean forward and press his lips against hers.
"And that's what a kiss is."
"Will, if you kiss, doesn't that mean you're married?"
Will shrugged. "Guess so."
"So then we're married?"
Will shrugged again. "If you want to be."
Vanessa smiled. "I do."
Will smiled. "Then I guess we're married."
Ash snapped back into reality and looked at Will. "You were my first kiss."
Ash quickly turned away from the window and faced Will. "One starry night, we were sitting by the window, and you kissed me."
Will walked to Ash and snaked one arm around her waist. "Do you know what a kiss is, Vanessa?"
Ash smiled. "No, what is it, Will?"
Will smiled and leaned closer. "This." His words were a husky whisper of warm breath that rushed across her skin. He gently pressed his lips against hers for a moment, then pulled back.
"So that's a kiss?" Ash asked quietly.
Will pulled her closer. "So is this."
He kissed her again and again, deepening the kiss. Clouds rolled across the sky and rain started trickling down from the heavens as Will and Ash kissed in the tree house.

The End

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