Type M Blood

Type M blood is a rare blood type. It's so rare, that most doctors don't even believe it exists, yet it does. Ash is a sixteen year old girl with a past she doesn't remember and a future she can't see. Weird things have been happening lately, and it all starts in her blood. After passing out in the hospital, Ash finds herself in a top-secret facility that isn't supposed to exist. She knows she has to escape, but can she leave behind Will? Or the quirky scientist, Blaze, who looks so familiar? As

Ash sat in the yellow plastic chair. She picked it because yellow was supposed to be a bright, happy color. But she knew that no color could help with the news she would get soon. Ash looked at the clock and her leg started to shake with nervousness. She had just been to the doctor, where he had referred her to a specialist, although she wasn't quite sure what these people specialized in. The doctors here were examining whatever had been found in Ash's blood. Ash looked at the clock again and then the heavy wooden door opened as a man in a white lab coat walked out.
"Miss Ash?"
Ash stood up. "What did they find?"
"Miss Ash, you might want to sit down for this."
Worried, Ash slowly sank back down in her chair. "Tell me. Now. What's wrong with me?"
The man sighed. "Has anything…strange…happened to you lately?"
Ash laughed nervously. "You mean other coughing up blood everytime I cough? No."
The man pulled on his lab coat. "Are you sure?" His voice was an anxious whisper.
Ash glared at him. "I'm positive. Now tell me what's going on with my blood!"
The man pulled out a folder off a pale blue shelf on the wall. "Well, it turns out that levels of oxygen are unusually high in your blood. And we did find something else."
Ash sat on the edge of her seat. She could be about to find out what was making her sick.
"We also found a fair amount of methane, nitrogen, and petrol in your blood. Have you been anywhere near any chemical plants, any fires, anything like that?"
Memories of screams, her old house engulfed in flames, fear, adreneline, looking through the aftermath and knowing that she was the only survivor. Watching as her hair mysteriously added ash grey streaks to the pitch black curls. She remembered forgetting everything but the fire. Remembered giving herself a new name, Ash.
"Um…no, I haven't been around anything like that."
The man looked hard at her, as if he thought she was lying. Ash looked away from him and at a poster on the wall, advertising a new flu vaccine.
"I'm going to send you to a doctor who specializes in taking care of people who have…strange…things in their blood."
Ash nodded as he scribbled something down on a sheet of paper. He handed it to Ash, who just barely heard him as he asked her if she was okay. She fell out of her chair and started coughing. Red-black blood dropped out of her mouth and onto the white laminate flooring. Ash dimly felt hands grab her arms and haul her up before she blacked out.

Bright glaring white lights hurt Ash's eyes when she finally came to. She squinted in the light and tried to lift her hand to shield her eyes from it, but found she couldn't. Ever since The Fire,  Ash had always been scared of not being able to move. Panicking, she thrashed around but it didn't help loosen the bands that held her down. Ash closed her eyes as fear over-took her system. Her eyes flew open and flames shot out from her skin and tore through the icy leather bands. On her feet, Ash looked around. Her reflection caught her eye in the white room. Her eyes were slowly fading from the flaming gold of sunset back to their usual charcoal grey. White smoke rolled off her skin and rose up from the melted bands on the steel table. Applause sounded throughout the room. Ash looked around, but didn't see anything. She walked closer to the wall and ran her hands over the smooth metal. The walls were seamless.
"If she really is what we think she is, then she'll be able to escape our chamber."
Ash looked around again. "Hello?" Laughter rang through the room again. Ash angrily threw her arm out. There was a hiss and an explosion of red and gold light. Ash instinctively ducked as a huge chunk of metal wall flew over her head. She waited another second before standing. Ash turned towards the wall to find that it was gone. The edges of the other walls were white hot. For some reason, Ash reached out and touched the smoking edges. To her surprise, the metal didn't burn her, but instead felt like warm clay against her skin. Ash stepped through the hot metal and looked at a lab. She heard applause again and whipped her head to face the noise. Standing near a table set up with a microphone, were two men in lab coats. One was tall and muscular, and looked more like he should be a burly guard instead of a scientist. The other was short and skinny, and had random tufts of grey hair sticking out at all angles. Ash leaned against the hot metal and looked at the two men.
"See, Gustav? She's just as strong as I said she was!"
Gustav grunted. "Ja, but now she vree, and vhat jou gonna do iv she attack jou?"
The short scientist laughed. "Gustav, no. She's too tired, too weak to do anything but stand. Poor girl." He slowly walked towards Ash with one hand outstretched.
"Come on, be nice. Don't hurt old Blaze. I'm here to help you, see?"
Ash glared at Blaze. "I'm not a dog, so stop treating me like one." Her voice was raspy.
Blaze straightened back up. "So she has more strength than we thought, Gustav."
Gustav continued to glare at Ash. She looked at Blaze.
"What is this place, what's going on, and who are you?"
"I am Dr. Gustav, a German scientist. De silver hair is Dr. Blaze. Thiz iz the MFB and jou here becuz you have somefink in jour blood dat we vix fer jou." Gustav's eyes seemed solid, like black obsidian. He made Ash think of a hungry reptile. Her charcoal eyes fell on Blaze again. He looked familiar, but she couldn't tell where she had seen him before. Blaze's face seemed to grow and fill her vision. It was the last thing she saw before everything faded to black.

When Ash woke up, she was in another white room with bright glaring lights. A steel table pressed into her back. Icy steel bands strapped her down this time. Ash turned her head to the left and saw a shiny tray with black scalpels, needles, and vials filled with a dark red-black liquid. She craned her neck and saw an off-white door that almost blended in with the albino walls  Whatever fire had freed her before was easier to tap into this time. Ash flexed a muscle between her shoulder blades that hadn't been there before. The steel cables flew back, white smoke floating from the red ends. Ash unsteadily got to her feet, weak, but unsure why. Drunkenly, she staggered to the door and opened it. Ash fell to her knees and pressed her face against the cool tile floor, listening to water lap against the smooth stone. She heard the sound of leather coated footsteps and slowly lifted her head to find herself staring at dark blue leather boots. Ash scrambled to her knees and looked up at a boy. He was tall and lanky, with brown hair and blue eyes. He was clothed in torn jeans and a dark blue-silver long-sleeve shirt. He extended one hand and helped pull Ash to her feet.
"So you're the new girl here. I'm Will, and what you can do with fire, I can do with water."

The End

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