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I flopped down on my bed, muttering darkly words of incoherent abuse to both Tamer and my father who were, thankfully, fully out of earshot. I sighed, a long sigh, and stared into the shadows surrounding my room. You will room with each other for six months. I yanked a pillow from the mound gathered at the headboard of the king-sized bed and pressed it over my face before a vicious scream ripped itself from my throat, raw fury streaming through it. I screamed like that until I was physically drained, and the pillow slipped from my face, stained with mascara. My emotions were overwhelming me, taunting me. 

''Suck it up, Tyme,'' I scolded myself, rubbing my eyes. ''It's only six months. Just 'cause you're sharing a room with him doesn't mean you have to be there all the time.''

Still, the dilemma seemed more problematic than ever.

I slid from the silken bed covers with a tremendous effort and weakly crossed the marred wooden floor, and proceeded to open the wardrobe doors. It was a huge walk-in one with clothes scattered everywhere; most of which I'd never even looked at. My body moved on its own, locating the huge suitcases buried beneath a mound of clothes. I dragged it out, back into my room and let it ball on its side in the centre of the Malaysian rug. I sunk to my knees next to it, staring at it. I knew I was meant to pack, and I knew I should be doing it... My mind was suddenly blank, darkness clouding it over. Then, suddenly, I realised what was happening. What am I doing?What was I doing? Why was I beginning to pack? I scrambled away from the suitcase, kicking it in the process and shot up to my feet sluggishly. 

Ragged breaths came in short to my lungs, my heart racing. Compulsion! My father had tried to use compulsion on me! That rat! I snarled in defiance and kicked the suitcase once again, sending it skittering away until it came to a halt near the vanity dressing table. I stood a moment, unsure of myself. Surely he'd know if I'd snapped out of his spell, but what would he do? I breathed in, exhaled slowly, and whirled to the glass balcony doors, taking the golden handles in hand. A quick yank and suddenly; sweet release. I drifted onto the white stone balcony, adoration slipping through me in wondrous waves. 

The moonlight shone in wavering shafts from the blue tinted sky, falling gracefully upon anything and everything beneath its celestial beauty. We had a coastal residence, and the sea brushed along the white stone of our home, a beach and forest stretching out for miles beneath us. I watched in awe as the moonlight glistened on the ripples of black water, curling silver through it.

''What are you doing out here?'' said a familiar from behind. I turned my head slowly, gazing upon Tamer's relaxed body leaning against the wall next to the glass doors. ''Shouldn't you be packing?'' he sneered, baring his fangs in a malicious smile.

''N-no. What... Hey, why are you in my room anyway?'' I demanded, feeling my body suddenly waver. A weakness fell upon me, my muscles suddenly taking on a horrid lethargy. The wind swept over me in an updraught and I was shocked at the coldness of it. I glanced up at Tamer and caught sight of his devilish grin.

''Feeling the cold, Tyme?''

His tone was bemused and awful, taunting. I shook my head and frowned, feeling belittled. Running a hand through my midnight hair, I made for my room once again. But as I was just about to step into inside's warmth, Tamer's hand closed around my wrist. I stumbled to a halt, turned, and looked at him. An uneasy silence prickled between us as his warm hand stayed clamped around my wrist in an uncomfortably firm grip. ''What?'' I snapped, irritated. He was such a plague sometimes.

''You're hungry, aren't you?''

His voice was low and husky, and it flowed through me like liquified music. Despite the cold, despite what context was contained in that lovely voice, I lapsed into a seconds warm peace at the sound. Then, what he had said processed in my mind and I blinked stupidly at him. ''I...well, yes. Why?''

''We're rooming now,'' he said, pulling me closer to him, ''so I'm not risking on you having a blood lust fest while I'm asleep; and I'll be your only bag of blood.''

I frowned at how he so harshly put it, but he was right. Wait, was he offering to be my donor? Surely he couldn't be; offering your blood to another vampire meant you were weaker, at their unfathomable mercy. And had I the chance, I'd seek to seriously harm Tamer - which he knew and was well awake of this fact. So, why was he doing it? I scowled at his generosity and attempted to shake his hand from mine but he clamped his hold firmly, and suddenly, my back was pressed against the white stone wall, my face pressed into the crook of Tamer's neck. His breathing was steady but his heart was thumping wildly; one didn't need to have hightened senses to know that.

I didn't hesitate.

I darted in as fast as a snake with a prey in sight, and clamped my fangs onto the pale flesh of his neck. His dark, sweet blood poured from the lacerations and alightened me with warmth and power.


The End

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