Tyme is TickingMature

Tyme, a sixteen-year-old Lark vampire; vampire from birth.
Tamer; the same, except a year older.
Tyme and Tamer have been raised together in the same cult since it was founded. The reason why it was formed has been hidden away from most of the young vampires, never to be known.
Soon, Tyme begins to discover why it was hidden away. Yet, is it already too late?

''Tyme, get in here!'' 

My fathers deep and powerful voice exploded from the open doors of his study. I shuddered and shrunk back into the shadows, fearing facing him. Yet, I couldn't understand what was so bad that I had done this time! Nothing worse than the last three incidents this month. I sighed and stepped out of the shadowed hall and into the carpeted study. Usually, the warm lights and rich colours were welcoming, but not today. 

''Tyme,'' he growled, ''look at me.''

Yet I couldn't tear my gave from the burgundy coloured carpet. My garnet-like eyes were glittering with malice and anger and I knew it. I couldn't look him in the eyes, half afraid what would be lurking in his cerulean orbs. He was old, and his power was great, and even though I was strong too, I'd fall beneath his deathly gaze if he so chose to use it on me. Which, I'm sure, if I protested, he would. 

My fathers fist suddenly collided with the top of his mahogany wood desk, and the sound shuddered through the air, and in surprise at his outburst, my head shot up, my long 'Emo' fringe flicking out of my eyes. 

''Your behaviour is out of control, missy!'' 

I gave an unnerving glare, which he simply returned with more force that caused me to look away first. This, was typical father; he'd launch straight into the lecture, or if he was really mad, just assign the punishment. 

And he was really mad.

''And so,'' he breathed, ''your punishment is to room with Tamer until school's over.''

There was a pause before I understood what he said.

''I'm sorry, what?'' 

And just then, I heard footsteps echoing in the hall and seconds later, entered a sleepy, irritated looking Tamer with sparkling golden eyes and bed-hair. He still looked hot. Yet I bit my lip and sent him a glare before turning back to my father. 

''This had better be good, Hunter,'' Tamer snarled, folding his arms and leaned against the door frame. My father gave a fanged smile.

''Oh,'' he smirked. ''It is.''

The End

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