The Happy Ending

When everyone finally calmed down and quit thanking me, the questions came. 'How did know what would happen, Why didn't you let us in on it, I can't believe you would scare us like that,' Oh wait, that's not a question. But it was said alot. I explained my plan to them at least three times.

When James and his coven came to the clearing, I thought of the plan right then and there. I would let them think that I wanted to help them. Then I would come here with James and right when he was about to attack Bella, POW! I would attack him. Pretty darn smart, ain't I.

The whole point of this plan was to skip the drama. I've had enough of the drama. That way, Edward wouldn't have had to suck Bella dry and Bella wouldn't have to go to the hospital. Everything would be fine.


I could go to school now that my eyes were gold. And, I'm proud to pronounce that I only screwed up twice (not including the pizza guy). I leaned against the wall, watching the Cullens dance. Only the Cullens. No one dared to set foot on the dance floor while the freaky Cullens were on it. Of course people didn't know I was part of the Cullen clan.

One time this boy (nerd) came up to me and asked, "Will you dance with me?" I said,"No." He sighed and left. Another time, Mike Newton came up to me and asked, "Are you here alone?" You might think it was just a simple question but if you heard how he said it you would know why I said no.

"Walk away." Another disappointed man. If you could call them men. For the briefest second, I could control Newton to do what ever I wanted. I made him spill his punch all over the front of his pants. Now that was funny.

"Hey look, Newton wet his pants." someone yelled. Everyone started laughing. Looks like I have a new power. I noticed Bella and Edward were nowhere to be seen. They must be outside. I walked out side and ran around the school to the back side. They were sitting on a bench, Bella in Edward's lap.

They did look perfect for each other. Maybe I should stop teasing Edward.... Oh who am I kidding. Of course I'm gonna tease him. That's the whole reason why I'm here.


The End

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