The Hunt

I knew what was going to happen now. The Cullens would take Bella to Pheonix. But instead of Bella meeting James, James would meet Bella. Me and him would take care of Alice. It would be just us. I knew exactly when Jasper would be gone. Victoria was back in Forks and the other dude chickened out.

"So, what now? Just sit and wait?" I asked. James nodded his head. He didn't have to talk. I could tell what he was saying just by looking at his face. Shut up, I'm concentrating. I sat down on the ground. It was still wet.

I could hear everything that was happening across the street at the Swan house. Bella and Edward were making out on the front pourch (gag) and Charlie was nervously tapping his foot, waiting for his precious little Bella. This is just like some cheap soap that my friend watches. 

I had my I-pod with me (thank you God!) so I just listened to that. My favorite song (Soul Sucker, by Ozzy Osbourne) was better than listening to crying and what not. The show must have been over because James kicked me in the side. I hopped up and followed him down the road while he was following Edward. Weird.

Now I could tell you how exciting it was chasing Bella all the way to Pheonix, but I can't. Because it wasn't. So I'll just skip to the part where we finally arrive in Pheonix and James calls Bella. She tried sounding brave and crap but you could tell she wass really terrified. For her or her mother I don't know. I sort of skipped that part in the book.

Anyway, James and I were off to the dance studio. I just sat in a chair listening to my I-pod again. I could smell Bella coming up to the studio. She smelled like, sweat. I'm guessing she's a little afraid. She came in and called for her mom a few times. She noticed the TV, James got out his camera, and Bella was about to book-it out of there.

It was like everything was in slow motion. Bella turned towards the door. James's eye's followed her every movement. When he ws just about to spring I darted over and kicked him in the stomache as hard as I could. He went flying and crashed into the mirrors. I caught him before he hit the ground and punched him in the face. He went flying up.

I caught him again and pinned him against the mirrors. This all happened within two seconds. The mirrors shattered when I smashed his head against them. "Nice effect." I said. And with one simple slice with my teeth, his head fell to the ground. Just in time. Edward, Jasper, Emmett and the others  came crashing in.

They all looked at me in shock. "What, did you guys really think I'd turn on you?" I said and everyone laughed and hugged me.

The End

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