Didn't Expect That, Did Ya?

Finally. The baseball game. Now for some action. I met Bella. She's, uh, nice. Kind of, off. I first met her when Edward was stalking her in Port Angles. I hid in the back of his car. I was going to eat dinner with them, but I decided to stay hidden the whole time. I would have if Bella wasn't so off.

You could tell she couldn't process that. Then she kept asking all these questions. It was driving me mad. Eventually I just jumped into the backseat and said "Yes, yes he is a vampire. He loves you, you love him. We all know. Okay so please, just be quiet."

Edward was mad, you could tell. I was so in for it. Bella and I got to know each other better. I'm not crazy about her. Then the Cullens did something that made me so mad I could have attacked them right there. I don't even like to think about it. When I do I want to break a tree in half.... Like I'm doing now.

I decided to sit out during the game. Never was a big fan of baseball. But football or hocky, I'll watch that. Pretty soon everyone stopped and looked around, huddled up and got all freaked out. James was coming. I could hear the, thump thump thump, of feet on the ground somewhere in the distance.

Three people ran out of the woods. They looked almost excited. Who would be excited for a baseball game? I pretty much blocked out the discussions and growling and stuff. Only when they were leaving I told James to wait. They stopped and turned around.

I ran up to them and looked at James. "I want to help you guys." I said. Bet you didn't see that coming, did ya. Don't worry, the Cullens didn't either. They were all so shocked. Bella looked like she was going to cry. Someone spoke up after like, two minutes of them just staring at me in shock.

"How could you take their side?" It was Alice that spoke up. I rolled my eyes (I've been doing that alot lately) "I'm not taking anyone's side. You piss me off, I want you dead."

That seemed to please James. Enjoy this now, because I'm gonna kill you too. I've learned everything that the Cullens know about fighting. And did I mention that I have like, three of those extra powers that some vamps have. I can read minds, shock people when they touch me, and from a distance, and I have a shield.

I'm like superman. Or supervamp. Ha, I cracked a joke. I looked back at James. "Well, can I come with you guys? I'll help you." I looked at the rest of them. They looked at Jamed. I wonder who the leader is hear?

"Of course you can." James said, and I heard small weeps from the other side.

The End

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