Paybacks Wrong... If Your The One Getting It

Well my day went, good. The Cullens excepted me into their home and into their family. Only two rules. No telling humans I'm a vamp and no killing humans. That's alot to remember. I'm trying to talk to Edward about Bella but I keep drifting in and out of conversation.

It's like when I'm in class. All I hear is bluh bluh bluh. I did say something eventually.

"It's amazing how you use so many adjectives when you talk." I guess that made him mad 'cause he got up and left. "You know you were more fun when you weren't here." I yelled after him.

The doorbell rang. I smelled human blood. I ran to get the door before anyone else could. It was some kid delivering a pizza. I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him into the house. You don't need to hear the rest of that. Anyway, about half a minute later there was a dead body laying at my feet.

At least I thought it he was dead. His body twitched. I squealed and grabbed the nearest thing by me (Which was a lamp) and hit him in the head with it. This couldn't get worse. But then Edward walked into the room.

"Listen, I'm sor... Ahh!" I screamed again as the body twitched. I hit it with the lamp until I was sure it was dead. I'm so going to hell when I die. I looked back at Edward. "Okay, I'm sorry. I was just thirsty and this pizza guy came to the door and... who orders a pizza to go to a house full of vampires?!"

Edward sighed. I looked at the body then back at Edward. " So are you going to help me get rid of this before the others find out." He sighed again.

"Fine, but only because I like you." I picked up the body and we took it deep in the woods. This was definatly an "Awwww!" moment. Well without the dead guy. Brother and sister bonding. What could be better than that?

Don't answer that. I had only one thing left on my list of things to do today. Get even with Rosalie. I told Edward and he said payback's wrong. I told him only if your the one getting it, and I ran off to begin my revenge.

The End

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