Meeting the Cullens... Yay For Me

Thank god they had a seat. Some kid wasn't there today so I got to at least sit at a table today. Bella and Edward sat at the table next to mine. It was just like in the book. Edward looked like he was going to kill Bella, and Bella looked shocked by it. I tried not to laugh. It was going to be funny seeing their reaction when I tell them I know their secret.

School dragged on and on.  I was happy when it was over. Now all I had to do was find Edward's house. Great. I started down the road. I wonder how they would react when I showed up at their door. That is, if I ever found it. I did find it, three hours later. I asked alot of people and finally someone could tell me.

It was a pretty big house. I didn't see any cars around but I would bet someone was home. I knocked on the doors. Nothing. I knocked harder. Finally I heard something and the door opened to a small girl. Alice. She looked puzzled. She didn't see me comeing. Perfect.

"Can I help you?" She asked. I smiled at her as kindly as I could with out laughing.

"Actually yes. Now, listen. Don't freak out and kill me. I know your a vampire." She growled. "But, I'm not going to tell anyone. Now calm down. I also know your brother wants to kill that Bella girl. I'm here to help you guys. Believe me."

She so didn't believe me. I sighed. "Fine look into the future and see." She considered this, then her face got all blank. She focused back on my face again and nodded.  I followed her into the house. It was huge in here. Now what was I supposed to do. My plan wasn't going to well.

If I havn't mentioned what my plan was, it's basically just messing with all the characters really. Anyway, I didn't know if Alice was going to take me to her basement to kill me or what. I just went with her anyway. She led me into a room that looked like a kitchen. There was a person sitting in a chair. It looked like she was, crying? But I didn't hear anything.

It looked like she was just sobbing without even crying. Weird. The woman lifted her head. Now I new who she was. Esme. She looked confused. She wouldn't be the only one today. "Esme, this girl knows about us." Alice said. Esme's face grew dark and she growled. Deja vu.

The End

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