Twylite (My version)

What would twilight be like if I was in it.
And for all you people that are going to get mad and post bad coments then don't even bother to read this. I'm NOT making fun of Twilight. This is how it would be if I was in the book. ENJOY!

So what would the book Twilight be like if I was in it. Let's find out.

"Wow it's cold here." I said to no one in particular. I had been here for a hour and a half and I hadn't seen the  sun at all. It was daytime right? I checked my phone. It was eight o'clock AM. I was late for school. My NEW school was Washington state's very own Forks High School. Yay.

I wasn't forced to be here. I wanted to come here to see what it would be like to actually be in Twilight. One day I thought, Hey, I wonder what it would be like if I were in the book Twilight. Sooo, I got a little help from my grandma and, badda bam badda boom, here I am.

No home, no car, no family and no money. I probably didn't even exist here. But I was about to. I eventually found the school but by then it was lunch time. I walked to the main office. Before I could do anything I had to be a student here. Then reallity hit. How was I going to be a student here? Shoot.

I walked in the office. That lady, uh what was her name? Mrs.Cape, Mrs.Cat, Mrs.Coat? Oh who cares. I'll call her Mrs.Cat. Anyway,  Mrs.Cat sat there reading some magazine, oblivious that I came in. I cleared my throat loudly. She jumped up quickly, knocking her chair over.

"Oh, um, yes. How can I help you sweety?" She asked smiling. What to say, what to say.

"Well, I dropt my school schedule in a puddle and I wanted to know if I could have another?' Ya, that was good. I'll go with that. Mrs.Cat (who I now learned  is actually Mrs.Cope)  looked confused. Maybe my plan wasn't going to work.

But with patients, some persuading, and some tears (...........) I finally got into the school. Lucky for me, I had the same biology class as that girl, uh, Bella (it's hard to remember names when you've only read the book once) and Edward. Time to have some fun.

The End

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