Two-Tone Radio: Meet the family

 Two-Tone Radio

Chapter One

Meet the Family

            “Mom? Dad?” I had parked my small beat up Chevy in my designated place in the driveway, making sure to lock the doors as I climbed out slowly. I then walked the short way up to my parent’s blue house, knocking on the light sage green door softly before taking out my gold key and sticking it in the lock. Twisting it, I heard the click and twisted the knob, opening the door and stepping through.

            My nose was immediately assaulted with the smell of warm chocolate. The kind that melts the moment it hits your mouth. I followed the scent into the kitchen where my mom stood behind the counter spooning pieces of cookie batter onto a blue baking sheet.

            I sat on the middle stool at the counter, watching her work. She had not looked up even once, too busy with her work. She often does this. She works until she is done and blocks out everything else until she is finished. Finally, when she spoons the last bit of dough onto the sheet, her eyes meet mine and her mouth tilts up at the edges. Dropping what she held, she spread her arms open wide for me to come hug her.

            “Hey mom.” I laugh a little as her small arms make their way around my neck, making her stand on her toes to reach. Her hazel hair rubs against my chin as she pulls me in close.  

            “Good afternoon Cat! How was your walk? Was it nice? Oh, it looks justmarvelousout there! Did you see any cute guys that you might want to be with? Oh I cannot wait until you get married! When are you going to find someone you like sweetheart? Your father and I are tired of waiting!”

            I merely sigh, rubbing my temples to try to reduce the oncoming headache. “I’m just not ready to be in a relationship mom.”

            “Oh I know that honey, but that was a long time ago. You have to get over this boy!”

            “Mom, you know how hard it was on me.”

            “Well don’t let it get you down. There are plenty of fish in the sea.”

            In my freshman year of high school, my best friend Jim asked me out. We dated for all of high school, and one year of college. That was when he dumped me, leaving me in my dorm crying for days, wondering what the hell I ever did wrong.

            “I’ll find someone when I’m ready.” I told her.

            “He was an a**hole. Not all guys are like that, but I know that losing your first love was a hard thing. I’m not saying that it wasn’t.” She picked up her spoon, bringing it over to the sink where she begins to run cold water over it to wash it. “It’s just it was over a year ago. Not everyone is going to hurt you like he did.”

            I think about what she said for a minute, drinking it all in. Finally, I tell her she is right, in which she responds by whipping around with her water covered spoon and telling me ‘I’m always right’ before flicking me with water and turning back around. I go sit back at my stool, crossing my legs.

            “So I have to go into the city tonight.” I tell her.

            “Oh honey that’s great! As long as you don’t get knocked up, I’m fine with that!”



            “I am not going to get knocked up! I’m going because I’m entering a competition to host my own radio show…” I said.

            “Oh, that makes more sense. Sorry dear, this head of mine is getting old.”

            Rolling my eyes, I smile at her. “Yes, because you getting old makes you think dirty.”

            “No,” She starts, waving the knife she had been washing in my direction. “Me getting old means that I am desperate for grandchildren. That’s the only reason I’m not cringing at the thought of my pure daughter having s*x.”

            I snorted at the word ‘pure’. In no way am I pure and my mom knew this. She just wanted to see my reaction no doubt.

            I had been a responsible teenager. I could always be trusted with money and driving, and especially schoolwork. My parents knew that I wasn’t out getting wasted and doing irresponsible things. I had no curfew, and did whatever I wanted to. So when the time came and I knew that I really loved Jim, I sat my mom down and talked about birth control with her. No lie, it was really awkward, but I felt that it was a responsible thing to do, and it was better than not being knowledgeable and going into the whole thing blind, ending up pregnant at seventeen.

            “Anyways,” I decided to get back on track. “I have to leave around five tonight. It’s at the 103.4 Radio station. I don’t know how late I’ll be.”   

            “Okay honey.” She said before turning away.

            “Anyone home?”

            I smile, getting up from my seat and running to the door, scooping my sister up into my arms and hugging her tightly.

            “Ugh, Cat! Get off of me!” She laughs, ruffling my brown hair and making it even messier than it was before. I smile too, pinching her cheeks.

            Maya and I have always gotten along, and when I came home from college she was more than willing to have me share her room again. We have always been best friends, and hardly get into fights. We both share each other’s cloths and makeup, and I even sometimes dress her for school. She was probably my only friend.

            “I’m entering a competition tonight, wanna help me get ready?” I ask her.

            “Really?” She bounces up and down, clapping her hands like a school girl. I laugh at her.


            “Ohmygosh, I’ll be right back! Right back! I have to go to my friend’s house real quick.” She tosses her bag on the ground before running out the door and jumping in her small Ford. I shook my head, wondering what she had up her sleeve. Out of my whole family, she was the one who acted like my mother the most. My little brother Ethan acted more like my father.

            Not wanting to waste time waiting for her, I run up our stairs, feeling the white carpet sink between my toes as I take two at a time. Right as I reach the top, I turn right into our room.

            Walking over to our closet which was right in the middle of our blue wall, I open the brown doors and walk in, looking through my dresses for a suitable outfit. Obviously, this was a radio contest. It wasn’t like people would judge me on my looks. But I wanted to look my best.

            Deciding to nix the dress idea since it would be cold night, I rooted through the drawer for my good black jeans. Putting them on, I search for my black cami. I find it and throw it on fast, putting on a black see-through long sleeve shirt with crème polka-dots on it. Throwing on a black belt, I go sit on my bed, rooting though Maya’s endless stacks of books that she never reads. The only reason she has them is because she takes them in one at a time, every three days or so, to school so that she can show off to her English teacher on how much she reads. She’s smart though. Her teacher is young and cute, so he’s always reading or hearing about the teen stuff. All Maya has to do is either recite the info she finds on the book on Yahoo answers, or just say that she didn’t remember what happened, and for him to explain it to her. When she explained this to me, all I could do is roll my eyes at her. Typical teenage hormones.

            “Okay, sorry, I’m back! I just had to get these shoes-” She stops as she catches her breath, holding up a pair of black wedges. “And my bag of makeup.”

            I make a face. “I thought you have about a million other bags?”

            “I do.” She rolls her eyes. “But I needed this shade of red that’s in this one. And my other stuff.”

            I pretend to understand.


            I packed up everything I thought I needed, including my resume, a bottle of Dr. Pepper to get me through the night, and some headache relief. I had just packed everything in the car when my dad and my little brother came home from my brother’s football game, and I had to threaten him with a slow and painful death if he came anywhere near me with his sweaty grossness. My dad gave me a hug, obviously filled in about what was happening by my mom, and wished me luck.

            The drive to the station was easy, and who would miss a huge sign saying‘Good Morning DC! 104.5 Radio station’

           Parking my car in one of the many car parks, I get out and carry my bag into the building where I asked the receptionist where the meeting was being held. She points to a door on the left, and I walk to it and knock.

            “Come in!” Someone calls, and I do.

            The room is white, and the wall in front of me is glass, looking over the broadcasting booth. I look over everyone in the room, sizing them up as they do to me too. I see that there is only one other girl, who is sitting on the big green leather sofa to the right of the door with another guy.

            “Hi! You must be Catherine?” He asked me, referring to when I called to say I would be participating.

            “Yes.” I smile as I shake his hand, firmly, but careful not to be too firm and scare him off.

            “We only have one other person to come here, and then we’ll be good to go!” The man says enthusiastically. He was attractive, though a lot older than myself. His brown mop of hair was perfectly situated on his head, and his blue eyes shone like the daytime sky. And his voice sounded familiar…

            “Randy?” I asked in disbelief.

            He nodded, smiling.

            “Oh my god! It’s so great to meet you! I can’t believe this!” I cried out, shaking his hand more firmly now. He smiles warmly, saying thank you. I look over to the other people, and they all have smiling faces except for the girl, who looks mad about something.

            “Great, a fan girl.” She whispers to the other guy she sits with. Together, they both chuckle. Her black hair falls sharply into her dark eyes, and her shirt is  obviously pulled down a little too low, exposing her black lacy bra that Maya would love for me to wear instead of the basic colored push-ups I usually throw on without a care.

            One time, on our many shopping sprees, she took me into Fredrick’s, the skimpiest underwear store in the mall. Not only that, but she blackmailed me into trying some on. She still has a few pictures of me in some of the skimpy cloth so that if she wants me to do something, she can blackmail me with them. Smart girl, I have to say.

            Instead of going on and on to Randy like I really wanted to do, I sat back down and kept quiet. The black padded chair beneath me was soft, but I hugged my bag to my chest.  

            “Sorry I’m late! I had to go pick up my sister!” Came a voice as the door was knocked open.

            I looked up and nearly died when I saw who it was.

            My eyes immediately narrowed. “You?!”

            “Yeah, but I’ll be whoever you want me to be.” He tells me with a wink. But then a flicker goes off deep in his eyes, and he finally recognizes who the hell I am.

            “Kitty Cat!” He yells and comes up to me, bending down and scooping me up in his arms. I couldn’t breathe, and I couldn’t help but feel like this was how Maya had felt earlier. The difference was though, that she didn’t hate me. I wasn’t her mortal enemy.

            “What are you doing here?” I hissed at him.

            “What are you doing here?” He asked back, pushing me backwards and ruffling my hair. A strand floated past my eyes, and I let out a gust of angry air I was holding, blowing it away from my face.   

            “Go.” I told him.

            “I don’t want to.”

            “Go or so help me-”

            “Okay guys! Time for this meeting to get started!” Randy covered quickly, smiling nervously.

            I sat back down, frowning with my arms crossed over my chest.

            “As you are all aware, this is a competition to get your own show on air. It will be a night show, and it will run late. You’ll probably have to lock everything up even. But you have to work your way up from somewhere, right?” We all nodded.  “Well, each of you, for the week, will get one night to host your own show and prove yourself to all of DC. Do what people want, and obviously study up on your competition. I’m sure you will all do great, so let’s get started with all the fun stuff, shall we?”

            We all agreed, and were allowed to get out a pencil and paper, the paper for later. Randy handed us a sheet of paper that was to fill in, and I took it in quickly. The black print was making me sick to look at. It was just so much.

            “I will read it out, and you fill it in. At the end, you will all read out your answers. You are going to be radio hosts. There is no such thing as privacy.”

            I readied my pencil, turning it over in my hands and feeling the ridges.

            “First question asks for your whole name.” I wrote mine down.

            “Second, what would your radio name be? Find something catchy without being totally obnoxious.” I wrote mine.

            “Third, how many years of college did you have?” This one made me freeze, not knowing what to write. I didn’t want all these people to know that I didn’t finish college, but it would have been found out eventually, right?

            After Randy went through the whole list, I looked down at my paper and frowned. It was all just a bunch of questions to try to make a personality for me, I was sure of it.

            “Ms. Catherine, would you like to start?”

            “Um, sure.” I told him, smiling slightly to show that I wasn’t nervous. But of course, I was.

            “My name is Catherine Livingston, my radio name would be “Cool Cat”- just thought it sounded cool. I went to Brown University for two years.” I held my breath that no one would ask why I didn’t stay longer. No one did. “I have a sixteen year old sister named Maya and a thirteen year old brother named Ethan. When I was in high school I did cheerleading, though I wasn’t that into it. I was on a ski team for awhile, and I loved archery. I am twenty-one, and don’t go out drinking often. My mom and dad are still together, and love each other. My favorite food is Italian. I’ve been listening to this radio station for years. I love it and would love to be a part of it. I am sad when people who don’t know me judge me.” I said while eyeing the black haired girl.”And I am happy when I can share something I am fond about with people. I want to change the world, but if that isn’t possible, than my world, and my world for the people who are in it.”

            I finish, though it doesn’t sound to me like I am done. But it will do.

            Randy nods, giving me a small smile. He then nods at another man who turns out to be twenty-five, loves air-hocky, and wants his radio name to be ‘charger’. His real name is Cole MiGwire. The other man that was there is named Lary Mage and want’s his radio name to be “Lickety-split” because he loves ice cream. Finally, Randy calls on the girl.

            “My name is Aria, my radio name would be Spark. I love swimming and modeling, and I went to school for four years. I have one older brother.” She keeps it short, not saying anything else that would add to her already oh-so-great personality. I roll my eyes.

            Finally, Randy nods at the… the thing… in the corner. “My name is Nick. I love partying and have always had a thing for the ladies. I love talking. Obviously. I want my radio name to be ‘Cat’s Man’” he winks at me while everyone else laughs. Shooting him a glare, I think to myself:

           Game on.

The End

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