Two-Tone Radio

When Catherine Livingston gets the chance of a lifetime- to host her own radio show- she jumps at the chance. But first she has to go through a competition. She gains the votes from the people of beautiful DC, but not alone. High school rival Nick Evens and herself tie up, meaning they both have to host the show together.
Will a on-air romance kindle or will all of DC soon know both of their deepest-darkest secrets?


"Good Morning DC! Your listening to 104.3! Before we get kicked off today, we want to start off with a new hit song that will get your day running. Stay tuned for traffic details and celeberty gossip! Here is Taylor Swift, 'Ours'"

My mornings used to start this way every day. I would get out of bed and turn the radio on while I got ready. That was durring my high school days though, which are long gone.

I went to college for two years before getting kicked out because I couldn't pay anymore. I got away without it for about five months, but then I got a letter from the dean telling me that I was to gether my things and leave by Monday. It was Thursday. But hey, it's a character-building experience.

My feet hit the stone path as I walked towards the Lincoln Momorial that Sunday morning. My ear buds were in, the cherry blossums out. My thin cotton shirt blew this way and that in the wind, and bikers flew bast me with tour headsets in their ears. I brushed my brown hair back, thinking about what to do with my life now.

It was when I was about half a mile from the huge marble building in front of me when I came to a screeching hault.

"Big news today folks! 104.3 is hosting a competition where one lucky winner will get to host their own show. Only six will be able to enter, so call now. 412-6731."

Whipping out my phone from the back pocket of my jean shorts, I dialed the number.

The End

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