Two Worlds Collide

"Mum, do we really have to go?" Asked Santita.

"Yes darling, we have to. Is there something wrong?" 

"Everything is wrong, mum! Never did I want to go to that stupid country,"

"Santita! We are in an airport so keep quiet," Her mother exclaimed.

Maria Santita Simone Wilson, a rich, spoiled, 16-year-old girl from London, England; was on her way to the Philippines with her mother, Clementine Wilson at an airport in London. Their flight was in an hour, and they were still waiting until they were ready to board the plane. 

After 5 minutes, the plane was ready to be boarded. They got in, and Santita sat down once she found her seat.

"First class, as usual," Santita said as she turned on her TV.

"Darling, do you fancy this airplane? Your Dad and I chose this for you,"

"Yes, I do fancy it. I hope the Philippines was as alluring as this plane,"

Clementine just rolled her eyes and did not respond to her daughter. 

"What can I do to Santita to make her appreciate the beauty of the Philippines?" Clementine thought to herself, as she looked at Santita watching TV.


At the Philippines, Katrina Anna Vizcarra, was talking with her sister on the phone.

"Ate, when will you have a job? Our tests will start soon. Don't tell me I wouldn't graduate High School," 

"Yes, yes. I'm sorry Kat but it's hard to look for a job you know! I promise you, I'm doing my best to look for one," Her sister answered.

"Okay ate. I'm just so nervous. I can't graduate High School if I won't pay,"

"I know. I have to go now, I'll call you later, okay? Goodbye!"

Katrina dropped her phone and sighed.  

"Why do they have to go? Why do they have to go right now? We are not ready to live on our own," Katrina said, teary-eyed. 

The End

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